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Ubisoft releases Street Fighter bundles for Grim and Ying in Rainbow Six Siege

The Street Fighter bundles are already in Rainbow Six Siege's store!

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During the BLAST R6 Major Atlanta final day, Ubisoft revealed all of the features coming to Rainbow Six Siege with Operation Deep Freeze.

While the community is excited about the arrival of the new operator, Tubarão, and the new map, Lair, these are not the only features coming to Rainbow Six Siege in the upcoming weeks.

Right at the end of the season's full reveal, Ubisoft unveiled a partnership with Street Fighter to include unique bundles for Grim and Ying.

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Street Fighter partnership with Rainbow Six Siege

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Street Fighter has come to Rainbow Six Siege! Starting from Nov. 12, players can purchase the Chun-Li and Ryu Bundle to obtain the unique cosmetics for Ying and Grim.

Each bundle includes the following items:

  • Universal perator card background.
  • Operator card profile.
  • Weapon cosmetics.
  • Unique charm.

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The main items in this collaboration are the operator portraits and the operator card backgrounds. These are very different from others in the game, which makes these cosmetics precious.

At the same time, the weapon cosmetics included in the Chun-Li and Ryu Bundles are similar to the skins released during Operation Blood Orchid.

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Unfortunately, these skins can only be equipped on Grim, IQ, and Ying's primary options. Remember, only universal weapon cosmetics can be used for any gun in Rainbow Six Siege!

While the general Chun-Li and Ryu Bundle costs 3,672 R6 Credits for Premium Battle Pass holders, you can obtain each bundle individually for 1,944 R6 Credits.

When is Operation Deep Freeze coming to Rainbow Six Siege?

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While Operation Deep Freeze was fully unveiled on Nov. 12, it's difficult to say when it will be fully deployed to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.

Looking at previous seasons, the new operation is always deployed two weeks after the start of the Test Server. Considering that Operation Deep Freeze's Test Server was opened on Nov. 13, we expect Operation Deep Freeze to be released during the last week of November.

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