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Ubisoft releases short devlog, teases new information about Rainbow Six Mobile's soft launch

More information about Rainbow Six Mobile's soft launch has been unveiled!

Ubisoft released more information regarding Rainbow Six Mobile's soft launch, which will come out sometime in August.

The announcement included details about what regions have been included, Rainbow Six Mobile's available game modes, and more.

This is the last stage before Rainbow Six Mobile's official launch, so you don't want to miss out on the announcement!

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When is Rainbow Six Mobile launching?

Rainbow Six Mobile is reaching its final stage before being fully released. The game's soft launch will come in August 2023 and it will bring brand-new features.

Previously, Rainbow Six Mobile offered players from certain regions the opportunity to enjoy the game in its Closed Beta.

As of now, Rainbow Six Mobile includes 18 operators and Recruit. As announced earlier this year, Rainbow Six Mobile will include an extra operator when the game is fully released.

Rainbow Six Mobile Soft Launch - What is included?

Rainbow Six Mobile's soft launch will include brand-new features such as a Ranked mode, two new game modes, and an additional map.

With the arrival of Rainbow Six Mobile's Closed Beta 2.0, Ubisoft unveiled some of the details that would be introduced to the game with its Soft Launch.

As the game is entering the so-called Y0SX, Rainbow Six Mobile will always be live. This means that no resets will be made to your game!

Rainbow Six Mobile's worldwide rollout is yet to be announced, but it looks like it will be soon. It will include controller support and a match reconnect option.

Rainbow Six Mobile Soft Launch Regions

According to the announcement by Ubisoft, Rainbow Six Mobile's soft launch will only be available in Canada and Mexico for Android users and Canada for iOS users. However, the company announced that the list will get bigger as time goes by. 

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