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These are the best Valkyrie camera spots on Nighthaven Labs

Here are some hidden Black Eye spots that you can use on Nighthaven Labs.

When a new map is introduced to Rainbow Six Siege, players quickly explore it to learn the calls and the rooms. Knowing every corner and every spot will give you the upper hand in your gunfights.

Nighthaven Labs is no exception. Players have now access to the Test Server, so they can try out the new map -- alongside a few of the new updates that will be released with Operation Solar Raid.

An important operator to master on any map is Valkyrie. Information is priceless, and knowing where to place her cameras can make the difference between losing and winning the match.

Keep on reading to find out what are the best Valkyrie camera spots in Nighthaven Labs!

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Valkyrie Black Eyes on Nighthaven Labs

These are some of the best Valkyrie Black Eye cameras in Nighthaven Labs!

Generator Spawnpeek

Placing a Valkyrie camera next to the Warehouse triple window will give you a great view of the people that spawn on Generator. From the Warehouse barricade, you have angles to the whole Generator area. Having a teammate give you calls may make your job easier!

Server cameras

Shooting and opening a hole below the boxes in the Server room will give you the option to place a Valkyrie camera from below. These cameras will give you information on the attackers, who may enter from IT or Electrical.

You have two spots to place your cameras in Server, both giving important information on Bomb B. For attackers, it's almost impossible to get rid of these cameras.

Camera Blue Stairs

Blue Stairs may be an important area to have control of, and a camera there may make a difference. You can use the plants to hide a Valkyrie camera, as players will only notice if they purposely check that part of the wall.

Control Room Hallway

You can place a Valkyrie camera on the wall to have control of the Control Room Hallway.

Vending Stairs

Having cameras on stairs is important, and the Vending Stairs are no exception. The pieces of wood and the position of the camera make it very difficult for attackers to spot this one.

How to use Valkyrie in Siege

Valkyrie is a two-speed, two-health operator -- don't worry, her speed, unlike other operators, hasn't been affected by Operation Solar Raid. Due to her speed, she is usually played as a roamer or a flex.

Players usually use Valkyrie to gather information, with this being very important in the course of the round. Valkyrie is also combined with her C4 to get kills, as the explosive gadget can be combined very easily with her cameras.

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