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The team kills of Stage 2; the worst perpetrators, teams, and leagues

We’ve looked at the best players of Stage 2. Now, here’s a look back at the most embarrassing moments.

With Stage 2 of the Pro Circuit now done, here’s a look at where the various team kills and suicides happened throughout the six professional leagues during Stage 2. 

Who’s the biggest perpetrator?

In total, 55 players team killed or committed suicide in Stage 2 across the 50 teams and 250 starting players in the NAL, EUL, BR6, CES, and APAC North and South tournaments.

Across them, eight players committed two team kills; Lily from Fnatic, xS3xyCake from 00Nation, Sapper from Elevate, Skys from SSG, Shuttle from Astralis, and Doki from G2. Out of these Doki is unique as he is the only player to have suffered the ignominy of both in a single round when he killed himself and Alem4o with a grenade against Rogue. 

Out of these, a single player committed three team kills; Outsiders’ SmashByAsh. Two of these were against p4sh4 in their games versus G2 and Rogue, while the third was versus m1loN. P4sh4 did get his revenge, though, as he also killed SmashByAsh when playing against NAVI. 

Worst region for team kills?

By pure numbers, there were 14 kills across 10 players in the EUL, 12 across 11 in the APAC South League, 11 kills across nine in the NAL, 10 across nine in the APAC North League, and nine team kills across eight players in the BR6 League. 

There were significantly fewer games played in the APAC regions, however. When accounting for that, the APAC League sees team kills most often, followed by the EU League, NA League, and BR6.

This order makes sense, considering each region's recent success; APAC continues to struggle while NA and LATAM are well ahead. 

EUCL more disciplined than any other league?

Correlating the rate of team kills to the quality of the league also fits when looking at the NA Challenger League and BR6b tournaments. Each is slightly below the main league, while the Copa Elite Six, a tournament which includes Mexican and South American teams, is well below its all-Brazilian counterparts. 

However, the most recent EU Challenger League season is a massive anomaly here, as it has the lowest rate of team kills in the world, even ahead of the BR6 and NA Leagues. 

Compared to how many TKs are seen in Europe, this is definitely odd. This also isn’t just because it took place last year, as the recent GSA League (which ended last week) also has a significantly lower team kill rate than the EUL.

While obviously, these figures are very fickle and not a true show of tournament quality, it is fairly interesting that you’re 76% more likely to see team kills in the top tier of European Siege than the second tier. Perhaps some professional players could learn some trigger discipline from the challengers. 

Worst teams for team kills?

Outsiders take this title thanks heavily to SmashByAsh’s count, but SSG and Fnatic are right behind them with four team kills each. Furthermore, those three teams are joined by w7m, oNe, and Wildcard as the six rosters in which more than half the team had killed each other. 

All the teams which committed multiple team kills in the six tier-one tournaments during Stage 2.

Multiple team kill games

A total of six games had multiple team kills, three of which happened in Europe. These were SSG vs Soniqs (where Rampy died both times), Elevate vs Chiefs (where Sapper was the perpetrator in both occasions), Fnatic vs Spear, Outsiders vs NAVI, Outsiders vs G2, and G2 vs NAVI.

Attack or defensive team kills?

A total of 42 of the 65 team kills and suicides were on the attack, while 23 were on the defence. This is almost exactly a two-thirds split. 

This isn’t too surprising, considering how many grenades the attack has to use compared to the number of C4s. 

Winning rounds after a team kill?

Just because a team’s players are turning on each other doesn’t mean they’ll lose the round, as 14 out of the 65 team kills resulted in a win. Six of these were on the defence while eight were on the attack, which, considering the attack’s affinity for team killing, means the defence has a better win rate after a team kill. 

Number of suicides?

Out of the 65 total team kills and suicides, only six of these were suicides. This is most likely because a suicide is only possible with a badly timed grenade or C4, both of which are rookie mistakes.

With this in mind, the players who did commit suicide in-game were as follows; pino against w7m, Solotov against Heroic, Doki against Rogue (as mentioned previously), Milostka and MrPuncH against Dire Wolves, and Rampy against the Soniqs.

Number of team kill opening kills?

More common than suicides are accidental opening kill team kills. This happened three times in the CES, once in the EUL -- once again this is Doki’s grenade-suicide -- twice in APAC North, three times in APAC South (both against FURY) and once in the North American League. 

Both the NAL and two of the APAC South situations ended with the team in a 4v5 situation winning the round, showing that it wasn't a lost cause.

Seven of the ten opening team kills came on the attack, potentially due to the difficulty of coordinating an attack compared to coordinating a defence.

How many team kills are we going to see in the Berlin Major? Tune in from Aug. 15 to 21 to find out and read up on everything you need to know about the event.