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Six Berlin Major: Everything you need to know

This August, the second Six Major event of the year will take place in Berlin, Germany.

The upcoming Six Berlin Major, the second event in the 2022 season, will take place next month from the Aug. 15 to 21.

Here, North America will aim to continue its two-event winning streak despite the prior two champions, DarkZero Esports and TSM FTX, not being present. Meanwhile, EU will hope to bounce back after a number of years of relatively weak results.

Here's a comprehensive roundup of everything announced so far about the 2022 R6 Berlin Major.

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The Teams

All 16 teams have locked in their Berlin Major spots:

Astralis -- Dpfire, iconic, J9O, Shuttle, Forrest, Callout (coach), Mango (analyst), and Forceful (trial analyst)
"We kinda embrace making mistakes": Astralis looking to quality of practice to deliver title at Berlin Major

Soniqs -- supr, Gryxr, Kanzen, Rexen, Yeti, and Goddess (coach)
The supr swansong: Soniqs to rely on 2021 experience at Berlin Major ahead of supr retirement

Oxygen Esports -- FoxA, LaXInG, VertcL, Nuers, Dream, HOP3Z, and Redeemer (two coaches)
"[The Astralis loss in Charlotte] kinda opened up our eyes": OXG now upgraded and ready for Berlin Major

XSET -- Kyno, DiasLucasBr, GMZ, Spiritz, Yoggah, Vivas (coach), and PFernandes (analyst)
Three months on from shock 12-month ban for Budega, XSET head to Berlin Major settled into new-but-similar flow
FaZe Clan -- Astro, cameram4n, Bullet1, Cyber, soulz1, and Ramalho (coach)
“I just step back and think that was the best decision”: cameram4n reflects on FaZe making Astro IGL

Ninjas in Pyjamas -- Kamikaze, Psycho, Muzi, Pino, Wizard, and Sneepy (coach)
From seven per cent to the Berlin Major: versatile Wizard and IGL Kamikaze have turned NiP’s fortunes around
w7m esports -- HerdsZ, GdNN1, Kheyze, Jv92, volpz, Abreu, and igoorctg (two coaches)
After visa disaster at Charlotte Major, w7m esports seek to lay down the law in person at Berlin Major

FURIA Esports -- Miracle, R4re, Handyy, Stk, Fntzy, and Julio (coach)
“Something great is going to happen”: FURIA to make role changes to prepare for Berlin Major run
DWG KIA -- RIN, Coted, Woogiman, CATsang, yass, HoundBird (Coach), and PJH (Coach)
"Just winning is not that good": DWG KIA look to failure as a teacher going into Berlin Major
SANDBOX Gaming -- Arukaze, EnvyTaylor, SyAIL, Static, GoodBoy, Nova (Coach), and FanXy (Coach)
Back at full strength with new personnel, SANDBOX look to improved "communication" ahead of Berlin Major
Elevate -- Onigiri, DCH, Sapper, MrPuncH, markshortboyz, and DrBestsiaer (Coach)
"We weren't complaining ... we just moved on": Elevate ready for Berlin Major despite Charlotte disappointment
Gaimin Gladiators -- Jo, Ape, Hovenherst, Tolji, Rixx, Hermosa, and Sunan (Coach)
Gaimin Gladiators seek to emulate "idols" DWG KIA in international debut at Berlin Major
Wolves Esports -- BiBooAF, Mowwwgli, P4, risze, Shiinka, Lyloun, and Helbee (two coaches)
“We will just play like we do every day”: BiBooAF confident of continuing Wolves’ momentum at Berlin Major
Rogue -- Cryn, LeonGids, Kantoraketti, Deapek, Spoit, meepeY, Bernie (two coaches), and Saethus (analyst)
“Everything just clicked”: Spoit reviews debut stage with Rogue, hopes to cap it off with strong Berlin Major run
MNM Gaming -- Yuzus, neLo, Tyrant, Neonical, Solotov, Archer, and Eden (two coaches)
“We are pushing our focus on playing a more adaptive play style”: MNM Gaming well aware of issues ahead of Berlin Major
G2 Esports -- CTZN, Virtue, Alem4o, Doki, Prano, and Shas (coach)
“[Not qualifying] would have been the most disappointing thing”: G2's Doki talks Stage 2, Shas exit

While the reigning Six Invitational and Six Major teams -- TSM and DarkZero -- aren't in attendance, North America will still be the favourites to win in Berlin, with Astralis likely top of the list.

The team most invested in stopping this will be G2 Esports, as the German team travels down the road from its headquarters to the Berlin Six Major venue. However, Wolves will be the team that most European fans would be looking towards to finally bring a title back to the region. 

Over in LATAM, we have four very well-known names hoping to reassert themselves after visa issues threw their Charlotte Major campaign into disarray. The Sweden Major and Copa Elite Six victors, FaZe Clan, will be favourites under the Brazilian flag.

Finally, in APAC, Elevate will return to the global stage after being unable to attend the Charlotte Major due to visa issues as well. The region also provides the tournament's lone debutants in Gaimin Gladiators and sees the return of Korea after SANDBOX and DWG KIA fell short three months ago.

The Format

The format of the event will be identical to the prior three Six Majors. 

As seen below, all 16 teams have been seeded into four groups of four, where they will play a double round-robin, best-of-one map league tournament.

The top two teams in each group will then progress onwards to a single elimination, best-of-three map playoff, with a best-of-five map grand-final.

Schedule & fixtures

The schedule of the event will be as follows:

  • Group Stage -- Monday, Aug. 15 to Wednesday, Aug. 17
  • Media Day -- Thursday, Aug. 18
  • Quarter-Finals -- Friday, Aug. 19
  • Semi-Finals -- Saturday, Aug. 20
  • Grand-Final -- Sunday, Aug. 21

The group stage games can be seen below:

The final day of the event, Aug. 21, will also see the reveal of the new upcoming free update to Rainbow Six, which is scheduled to include a new Singaporean operator. 

Watch out for SiegeGG's preview of the Y7S3 content, including the new map and operator.

The Talent

The games will be observed, cast, analysed, and hosted by the names below:

Many of these names were also present at the recent Six Charlotte Major, with a few exceptions. Samuel "Stoax" Stewart and John "BLU" Mullen will not be casting this event as Parker "Interro" Mackay will be the only returning North American caster. This will be BLU's first missed Major since starting in the R6 scene. 

Joining the crew instead will see the return of Ghassan "Milosh" Finge to his hosting duties, while James "Devmarta" Stewart and Mandy "Daughter" Powers will become the first APAC casters at a Major. Finally, Pietro "RedLike" Girardo will rejoin the observing team after previously working at SI 2021.

The Location

The August Six Major will be in Germany's capital city, Berlin, after fan complaints led Ubisoft to move the event from the United Arab Emirates.

This will be the third time R6 Esports goes to Germany, following the ESL Pro League Season 1 and Season 5 Finals, both of which took place in Cologne, and were won by different PENTA rosters. The closest global Siege has ever been to Berlin before, however, was the Season 3 and 4 events which took place in Katowice, Poland.

The specific venue will be the Theater am Potsdamer Platz in central Berlin, which has a capacity of 1760. Tickets for the event have already been sold out. For those attending there will be exclusive merchandise available, seen below:

As well as being just eight minutes away from the iconic Brandenburg Gate, Potsdamer Platz is also visible from the G2 Esports HQ, making this the organization's home event.

Health and Safety Rules

There will not be any mask, testing, or vaccination requirements for fans attending the Six Berlin Major. This is in contrast to the Charlotte Major, where masks were required for all attendees. 

This follows local health and safety guidelines in Berlin and comes a month after the IEM Cologne Counter-Strike Major also had no covid-19 requirements for fans. 

Watch Parties

32 Twitch streams will be running watch parties during the event across 12 languages. This is a greatly reduced range compared to the Charlotte Major where over 100 streamers were involved. 

A new addition for this event is Troy "Canadian" Jaroslawski after he failed to qualify for the Six Major. Meanwhile, Jason "Beaulo" Doty won't be hosting an official watch party despite being listed in the Charlotte Major watch party green list and not qualifying for Berlin.

Twitch Drops

20 items will be dropping as Twitch Drops during the event; the Esports sets for Amaru, Fuze, Ying, Mozzie, and Maestro. Each set comes with a uniform, headgear, weapon skin, and charm.

One pack will drop after watching each day for the group stages every three hours. For the grand final an extra pack will also drop after one hour watched.

A unique charm will also be available during the Year 7 Season 3 reveal on Sunday the 21st. There will also be a 20% discount on pro team bundles in the store during the event.

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