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Rainbow Six Siege Y7S4.2 Patch Notes: Twitch gets extra drone, Extended Barrel gives 15% damage boost, and more!

Have a look at all the exciting changes that are coming to Rainbow Six Siege today!

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Rainbow Six Siege is planning on releasing new content to balance various operators. All of the planned changes will be available later today!

The changes will come to the live build today, 09:00 ET / 14:00 UTC. These will be introduced as part of Operation Solar Raid.

Y7S4 Operation Solar Raid saw the launch of Solis, the new Rainbow Six Siege defender, and the new map -- Nighthaven Labs. No changes are planned for either just yet, but there are many changes that are coming to other operators.

Keep on reading to know more about the Y7S4.2 Patch Notes, with information about today's changes!

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Operator Changes

Here are all of the operators that will undergo changes in Rainbow Six Siege!


Grim is a three-speed, one-health entry fragger whose design focuses on roam-clearing tasks. However, his impact hasn't been as high as expected by the Ubisoft developers.

To make him more attractive, they have decided to give him access to the 1.5x and the 2.0x scopes. These have been added to his 552 Commando.

The 552 Commando's damage has been reduced from 48 to 47.


Twitch has, without a doubt, had the most notable changes.

Twitch's number of normal drones has been increased to two, which means she has now access to two regular drones and two Shock Drones -- four drones in total. If that change reaches the live build, Twitch will also be a powerful support operator as well as a strong entry operator.

On top of that, Ubisoft has removed the vertical grip from Twitch's F2, a weapon that already had a considerable amount of vertical recoil. Ubisoft believes the F2 is already a strong weapon without the vertical grip and encourages players to use the 417 if they want something "easier to control."

However, if high-ranked and professional players are anything to go by, the F2 will still be a potent weapon to face.

Weapon Changes

Ubisoft's changes have also affected multiple guns and attachments, including the following:

Extended Barrel

The Extended Barrel now gives guns a 15% damage boost. This makes it a very competitive option to use, even in comparison to the Suppresor.

Hip Fire Precision

Ubisoft is also tweaking the Hip Fire Precision of multiple weapons. In their official announcement, Ubisoft has ordered them into the following categories:

  • Spread increased: AK12, ARX 200, SC3000K, LMG-E, 6P41, T-95, 417, AR-15.50, CAMRS, MK14
  • Spread reduced: P10-C
  • Burst growth increased: AUG A2, AUG A3, POF 9, LMG-E, 6P41, T-95, 417, AR-15.50, MK14
  • Burst growth reduced: CAMRS


The PARA-308's damage has been reduced from 48 to 47.

Echo, Hibana, Amaru

Echo, Hibana, and Amaru's Supernova Shotgun's damage has been increased from 48 to 55.


Frost's 9mm C1's damage has been reduced from 45 to 38.


The damage of the AR-15.50 has been increased from 62 to 67. On top of that, a 2.0x scopes have been added to the M4.


Thorn's UZK50GI's damage has been reduced from 44 to 36.

Wamai and IQ

Wamai and IQ's AUG A2 has had changes to its recoil. The vertical recoil has had its upward speed increased. Meanwhile, the horizontal recoil has also been slightly increased, as it now has a small tendency to go to the left.

For more information on the changes, you can check Ubisoft's official announcement.

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