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Rainbow Six Siege teases updates to Siege playlist with Y8S3

Y8S3 is just around the corner!

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Rainbow Six Siege has launched another tease regarding Year 8 Season 3. This time, the game's announcement is related to the upcoming features coming to Siege's playlists.

With Operation Solar Raid, Rainbow Six Siege released changes to the Ranked system as the game introduced Ranked 2.0. In Year 8 Season 3, as announced in their Year 8 Roadmap update, Ubisoft will bring a Quick Match 2.0.

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What is Quick Match 2.0?

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In Year 8 Season 3, Ubisoft will change the game's most casual playlist.

With Quick Match 2.0 Ubisoft intends to make the casual playlist more appealing, shortening the queue times while speeding up the matches.

As of now, Quick Match differs a lot from Ranked. Its map pool is completely different and Secure Area and Hostage game modes are also included in the playlist.

Keep in mind that we don't have all of the information... yet. Rainbow Six Siege's Year 8 Season 3 will be announced live on Aug. 13 at 8:30 PM CEST!

How long does a Rainbow Six Siege match last?

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Compared to other video games, Rainbow Six Siege is very tactical and slow. In Rainbow Six Siege, it normally takes 45 seconds to complete the Preparation Phase and up to three minutes to complete the round — which can be longer if you're playing Bomb.

Considering that Quick Match can get up to round five, this means that a "quick" game of Rainbow Six Siege can last up to 15-20 minutes.

With the launch of Quick Match 2.0, Ubisoft will probably try to tackle the current needs while bringing a new look to Quick Match. Will they succeed at it?

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