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Rainbow Six Siege Shooting Range update: players to be able to compare statistics between different gun attachments

Shooting Records arrive to Rainbow Six Siege.

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Ever tried out so many attachments in Rainbow Six Siege's Shooting Range that you forget what's the best? Well, if that's your case, Operation Solar Raid gives you a solution to your problem: Shooting Records.

After the first day of the Jönköping Major, Ubisoft released an update on what the upcoming season has in store. One of the new features will impact the Shooting Range.

Want to know more? Keep on reading to not miss out on anything!

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What is Siege's Shooting Range?

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Rainbow Six Siege offers its players the chance of trying out every gun in the game at their Shooting Range. Players have a target that will record where each bullet lands. Then, players can see where did the bullets land, which gives them a very visual picture of what's the recoil and how to control it.

Players can also move the target and put it at different distances -- 5 meters, 10 meters, 15 meters, and 20 meters. After shooting, they can clear the bullets from the target by shooting at the "Clear" sign.

However, keeping track of each combination of attachments and their impact on the weapon is difficult. That's why Rainbow Six Siege has introduced the Shooting Range Records.

Shooting Range Records

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With Operation Solar Raid, Rainbow Six Siege will launch Shooting Range Records. Players will have access to records of each attachment combination tried in the Shooting Range, and will be able to compare them with other mixes.

Shooting Range Records will give you an insight into the following categories:

  • Bullseye: Players will be able to see where the bullets land throughout the spray.
  • Weapon Properties: It will include general information about the weapon characteristics while using the attachments, including Damage, Fire Rate, Mobility, and Capacity.
  • Silhouette: Players will be able to see where the bullets landed on the Shooting Range robot's body.
  • Recoil Pattern: Players will see what's the recoil pattern.

It will also include information on the Total Non-headshot Damage, the Non-headshot hits, the Headshot Hits, and the Total Hits / Total Shots.

On top of that, players will also see what attachments did they use. Players will be able to compare the different records very easily, which will help players and keeping track of how each combination impacts to gun's performance.

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