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Rainbow Six Siege releases new R6 Share skins

These skins have been added to the R6 Share program.

Banner image: R6esports

Rainbow Six Siege has today released a new set of R6 Share skins, including organizations that were recently promoted to a region's top-flight division or have just joined the Rainbow Six Siege professional scene.

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What is R6 Share?

R6 Share is a program introduced by Rainbow Six Siege with a large list of cosmetics to support the esports teams in the scene. The program is divided in three tiers, as teams are organized in each tier depending on their importance in the scene -- competitions won, reputation in the scene, presence in social media, or content creation are some of the aspects considered.

For more information on the R6 Share skins, you can check our article with all the cosmetics in the R6 Share program.

What R6 Share skins have been added?

Today, the following esports skins have been added to the R6 Share program. These R6 Share bundles include a gun cosmetic and an operator card background.

00 Nation - Zofia's LMG-E

00 Nation's first skin in the game comes for Zofia's LMG-E, a deadly gun with a huge importance throughout Operation Demon Veil and Operation Vector Glare. Now, with the new recoils and the resurgance of the M762 Assault Rifle, the LMG-E isn't that common any more despite still being usable.

MNM Gaming - Sledge's L85A2 

MNM Gaming has decided to go for Sledge's L85A2, a weapon that never gets old. Sledge is an important character in the game, so we will probably see this skin used many times.

The skin features the iconic marshmallows of the brand which are combined with some bright and appealing colors. MNM Gaming's combination of a S.A.S. operator and the presence of various Chinese elements on the skin clearly represents the essence of the organization, which is representing both the British and the Chinese cultures.

Plain and simple, it's not just an attractive skin, but it also makes sense.

Parabellum Esports - Kapkan, Tachanka, Azami's 9x19VSN

Parabellum Esports is finally part of the R6 Share program and have chosen the 9x19VSN as the team's gun. Its design combines bright colors with the drawing of some petals, which perfectly fit the skin. 

REJECT - Twitch's F2

APAC skins are always bangers, and this is no exception. Bright colors are combined with an anime girl, which fans usually love.

DireWolves - Jäger's 416-C Carbine

This might be the worst concept of them all. Its design is very similar to Ninjas in Pyjamas' skin, which also is for the same gun. Despite the skin being very clean, players will probably pick NiP's over DireWolve's.

FURY - Nomad and Iana's ARX200

FURY has decided to go for a very used gun in the current meta, the ARX200. However, this gun already has a lot of representation, with DWG KIA, DarkZero Esports, or Fnatic being in the list of organizations that have a skin for it. Will FURY succeed among all of these colossals of the scene?

What are some of the best R6 Share skins?

It's difficult to pick from such a large list of cosmetics, but we have chosen five of what we think are the best skins in the R6 Share program:

DWG KIA 22 - ARX200 Skin

Knights 2021 - MP5 Skin

Rogue 2022 - F2 Skin

CYCLOPS 2021 - P10 Roni Skin

BDS Esport 2021 - P10 Roni Skin

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