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Rainbow Six Siege launches new R6 Share skins

The list includes some of the most prestigious teams in the scene, such as G2 Esports, TSM, Fnatic, and Ninjas in Pyjamas.

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Rainbow Six Siege has launched today 14 new R6 Share bundles, which include some of the most well-known esport teams in the competitive scene.

R6 Share bundles are common in online matches, as players enjoy representing the colors of their favorite esports rosters. If you are one of those, this is your lucky day.

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What is R6 Share?

R6 Share is a program launched by Ubisoft to support the esports scene and its teams. Part of the money spent in getting esport bundles and skins goes to the rosters and prize pools of the events in the Siege esports circuit.

The team’s list has been shortened recently as Team Empire and were removed from Ubisoft’s esports competitions due to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Will I lose access to previous R6 Share skins?

No! Don’t worry about that. Previous years’ R6 Share skins will remain in your account ready to be used in any match.

What teams have received new R6 Share bundles?

A number of 14 teams have received new R6 Share bundles, this being the following:

Astralis - Jackal

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The Danish team which is currently competing in North America has chosen the GEO operator Jackal to represent the red colors of the brand. This is Astralis’ first ever R6 Share skin since picking up Disrupt Gaming’s roster. The gun skin will be available for his C7E Assault Rifle.

Fnatic - Hibana

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Fnatic has recently changed its roster, finally moving to Japan by signing a roster from there. So, it makes sense that the operator picked by the team is Hibana, a Japanese character. If you are an anime fan, Hibana’s headgear might give you some Tokyo Ghoul vibes. Fnatic’s gun skin will be available for the Type 89 Assault Rifle.

TSM - Sledge

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Recently crowned as world champions at the Six Invitational 2022, Sledge was the obvious choice here. If you want to feel like a winner, you must be ready to lift the hammer – both in and off the game. Players will be able to equip Sledge’s TSM gun skin in his L85A2 Assault Rifle.

G2 Esports - Aruni

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This is Aruni’s first R6 Share bundle, despite her having access to some esports gun skins, especially for the P10 Roni. G2 Esports has chosen the P10 Roni weapon to complete Aruni’s bundle, which means that Mozzie players will also be able to bring it to the battlefield.

FaZe Clan - Ace

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The Sweden Major champions are now the third Brazilian team to choose Ace as the team’s operator, as Team Liquid and Team oNe did it in the past. FaZe Clan’s gun skin will be equipped in Ace’s AK-12 Assault Rifle.

DarkZero Esports - Zofia

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It is time to go purple with DarkZero Esports’ newest bundle. Zofia has been the Americans’ choice, a bundle where purple and blue are the primary colors. Players will be able to equip her newest gun skin to her M762 Assault Rifle, a weapon that’s far away from its prime version.

Rogue - Twitch

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Rogue hasn’t innovated at all and decided to go European again. After choosing Bandit and Tachanka, Twitch is next in line. Her gun skin will be available for her F2 Assault Rifle, arguably one of the best attacking guns (if you actually manage to control that recoil).

Spacestation Gaming - Smoke

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Six Invitational 2020 champions Spacestation Gaming have gotten a brand new bundle, this time for the SAS operator Smoke. Considering the importance of this character in any map, he is always a safe bet. Players will be able to equip his new gun skin to what’s labeled as one of the best shotguns in the game, the M590A1.

Natus Vincere - Mute

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Another yellowish team, another SAS operator. Natus Vincere has gone for Mute as the team’s newest operator, with the bundle including the usual headgear and uniform, and a special gun skin for the SMG-11.

MIBR - Lesion

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The Brazilian roster was one of the surprises in the Six Invitational 2022, so if you like Cinderella stories this might be your bundle. This time, MIBR has picked Lesion and his T-5 SMG, which is also brought to the battlefield by Oryx.

Ninjas in Pyjamas - Kaid

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Six Invitational 2021 champions and Sweden Major finalists Ninjas in Pyjamas has selected Kaid as the team’s newest operator. After combining black and golden in their first R6 Share bundle, green seems to have replaced the latter. The gun chosen has been the AUG A3.

Team Liquid - Iana

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Despite the team’s roster being from Brazil, Team Liquid is a team from The Netherlands. If you know a bit of Siege’s lore, you will probably know that Iana is a Dutch operator. So, we could say that this was a matter of time. Iana’s gun chosen by Liquid has been her ARX200 Assault Rifle.

Team Secret - Ash

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Obviously, someone had to pick Ash… right? Jokes put aside, this is probably one of the prettiest in this release. Ash seems to be protected by some kind of dragon skin, a design that is extended to her weapon, the G36C Assault Rifle.

BDS Esports - Mozzie

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The French team who recently was crowned European League champions has gotten a new bundle, this time for the Australian operator Mozzie. Just like their region opponents G2 Esports, BDS Esports’ gun skin will be for the P10 Roni.

How can I purchase the R6 Share skins?

Esports skins can easily be found in the store. To head to that part of the game, you must click on the Shop section and scroll down until you find all the badges of the esports teams.

Once you are there, we encourage you to have a deep look at the different skins and bundles – you might prefer buying skins from previous editions!

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