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Rainbow Six Siege releases Jackal Six Major EU Bundle

The August Major will be played in Europe!

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After a brief delay, Operation Vector Glare is finally here! New content has hit the game with Rainbow Six Siege's new operator Sens, a new Team Deathmatch map, and the arrival of the Shooting Range stealing the show.

However, there's more than that. Although it's been a bit under the radar, Rainbow Six Siege has released the Jackal Six Major EU Bundle. After overturning the decision of holding the August Major in the United Arab Emirates, we can now stretch the circle: the next Major is going to Europe.

Although the location remains unknown, Jackal being Spanish could give us a hint. Usually, the operator chosen is from the country where the event is held. That has happened in the past, with Thermite being the clear example as he was chosen to represent the Charlotte Major.

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Jackal Six Major EU Bundle

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Jackal Six Major EU Bundle includes all the stuff you find on a regular bundle, with the skin for his C7E being the most desired cosmetic. It also includes a special operator card background design.

If you pay attention to the cosmetics in the bundle, you can spot what looks like the street map of a city. It might be a hint to know where the city for the next Major is located.

You can get the bundle for 1,200 R6 Credits. By purchasing it, you help the esports scene as 20% of the purchase proceeds will be distributed among the teams in the circuit.

Who won the last Six Major?

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DarkZero Esports won the Charlotte Major after a nail-biting final against Astralis. The purple squad emerged victorious after a 3-2 victory over the Danish brand.

It was also Troy "Canadian" Jaroslawski's third international trophy, all of them won for different teams.

With the next Six Major being located in Europe, the teams from such continent will try to spoil the Americans' fun after winning the Six Invitational 2022 (TSM) and the Charlotte Major (DZ).

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