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Rainbow Six Siege releases Ascending Bundle for Azami guns

The bundle includes skins for all of Azami's weapons.

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Operation Demon Veil has been here for a while now, which has given us a new operator, new game modes, and a seasonal bundle.

Now, it's time to welcome Siege's newest operator Fujiwara "Azami" Kana with the Ascending Bundle.

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What is the Ascending Bundle in R6 Siege?

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Rainbow Six Siege's Ascending Bundle is a special set of weapon skins for Azami, who has been introduced in the game alongside Siege's brand new season, Operation Demon Veil.

Azami's loadout consists of three guns and two gadgets. Her two primary options are Kapkan's and Tachanka's 9x19VSN Submachine Gun, and Maestro's and Alibi's ACS12 Shotgun. Meanwhile, Azami's only secondary weapon is Valkyrie's and Blackbeard's D-50 Handgun.

Windborn Majesty for the 9x19VSN

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We are talking of a highly detailed skin, which mixes a dark green with shades of golden. The design of the crane looks splendid, and the kunai feels like a great addition. Great work!

Windborn Majesty for the D-50

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However, it looks cleaner in a gun with a flatter design. While the 9x19VSN has some cavities around the gun, the D-50 is smooth and the design can be seen clearly.

Windborn Majesty for the ACS12

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Just like in the D-50, the ACS12 is smooth, flat. The design is visible. Sadly, this gun is rarely used in Siege — as the operators that can use it have better primary options. Also, she can bring impacts, another reason to not bring a shotgun. However, it's always an option.

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The bundle also includes a charm called "Kunai," which is a small Azami Kiba Barrier Kunai that operators can bring to the battlefield. We feel the need to clarify that this charm can't be used as Azami's gadget, just in case. This is just decoration!

How can I purchase the R6 Siege Ascending Bundle?

Say no more! Head to the in-game store by clicking the "Shop" tab, and then scroll down and click on "Bundles". There, look for a bundle called "Ascending Bundle". If you have problems finding it, you can always look for it by name — by clicking on this option, bundles will be ordered in alphabetical order.

The Ascending Bundle is worth 40,000 Renown or 960 R6 Credits. However, you can always purchase individually the items in it. To do that, head again to "Shop," scroll down and click on "Weapon Skins," and go to your favorite weapon in the bundle. There you will have the option to buy it with Renown or R6 Credits — be careful and think about it first though, as you can save up to 50% by purchasing the whole bundle!

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