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Rainbow Six Siege new season to be called Operation Heavy Mettle

Rainbow Six Siege's Y8S3 name has been announced!

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Operation Dread Factor's end is around the corner, which means a new season is upon us. Today, Ubisoft announced the name of Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming operation. Keep on reading to find out what has been announced so far!

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What's the name of Rainbow Six Siege's new season?

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Rainbow Six Siege's new season will be called Operation Heavy Mettle. It will be Year 8's third season.

As we approach the end of Operation Dread Factor, all eyes are now set on Operation Heavy Mettle. Unfortunately, we don't know much about what's coming in the upcoming weeks, although Ubisoft has already announced some features.

What's coming with Operation Heavy Mettle?

Operation Heavy Mettle will bring interesting changes to Rainbow Six Siege, including a new version of Quick Match called Quick Match 2.0.

As always, Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming season will bring a new operator, whose name hasn't been announced yet. Nevertheless, Ubisoft won't introduce a new map with the release of Operation Heavy Mettle.

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Other features coming with Operation Heavy Mettle include buffs and nerfs to some operators like Frost and Grim, changes to the Reputation System, and more.

When will Operation Heavy Mettle be released?

Operation Heavy Mettle's release day hasn't been announced yet. However, Ubisoft confirmed the full reveal date earlier this month, which will take place on Aug. 13 at 8.30 PM CEST!

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