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Rainbow Six Siege announces return of Halloween game mode Doktor's Curse

Halloween is back at Rainbow Six Siege!

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Rainbow Six Siege time-limited game mode Doktor's Curse will be back in the game starting from Oct. 13. This will be the game mode's fourth edition.

While the game mode isn't expected to change from last year's edition, the players are excited about the new cosmetics that will be introduced. Are you ready for this year's spooky season?

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Rainbow Six Siege Doktor's Curse

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Doktor's Curse is Rainbow Six Siege Halloween game mode. The spookiest operators in the game are gathered in a special edition of Theme Park to play hide and seek.

With their traps and their unique invisibility, the defenders must avoid the attackers, who run after them with a hammer. The attackers win if they kill all the defenders.

Obviously, operators have no access to fireguns. This means that defenders rely on their traps while attackers must get close enough to their opponents before hitting them with their hammers.

What's Doktor's Curse bringing this time?

Doktor's Curse is bringing new bundles for Dokkaebi, Iana, and Nokk. Moreover, cosmetics such as Azami's bundle or Kaid's bundle will be back.

Let's explore some of Doktor's Curse best bundles, which were included in last year's edition!


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Severed was one of the most popular headgers in last year's edition of Doktor's Curse. We hope Lion's headgear makes a return in Year 8!

Red Envy

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Azami's headgear Red Envy is making a return in Year 8. With a bit of luck, you may get it in your free Doktor's Curse pack!

Ghastly Situation

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Last year, Doktor's Curse included a unique operator card background. Will we have Ghastly Situation back or will we have a new one?

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