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Rainbow Six Siege announces new version of MUTE Protocol

MUTE Protocol is back with a twist!

Today, Rainbow Six Siege will release a new version of the time-limited event M.U.T.E. Protocol called Arms Race to the Objective. In this game mode, operators will face off in a unique version of Tower, a casual map in Rainbow Six Siege.

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What is Rainbow Six Siege's M.U.T.E. Protocol?

Rainbow Six Siege's M.U.T.E. Protocol is a time-limited event that was first featured in the game back in Aug. 2020. Back then, it was a 5v5, secure area game mode where defenders could teleport using bulletproof cameras, a tool that gave them the upper hand against attackers. 

Now, the rules have changed. M.U.T.E. Protocol: Flesh & Metal will offer players a brand new experience.

M.U.T.E. Protocol Reloaded Rules and Characteristics

M.U.T.E Protocol Reloaded truly feels like a new game mode. This is everything you must know about the rules and characteristics of it.

  • Respawn is enabled. Don't worry if you die, the game isn't over yet.
  • Same chances. Everyone has the same loadout and abilities. Attackers start with Smoke's FMG-9 while defenders start with Mute's MP5K. All operators will be able to use Oryx's ability known as the Dash.
  • Gun damage changes in course of the round. Here's where the fun begins, as each kill will give you seven extra damage points. On the other hand, a death will have the opposite effect.
  • Golden hammer. After going through the ten weapons in the game mode, the final one is the Golden hammer -- the only weapon that can destroy the objective, called Brain Case.

M.U.T.E. Protocol Reloaded includes new cosmetics

M.U.T.E. Protocol Reloaded will not just include new cosmetics but also will mark the return of the ones seen in the game mode's edition played on Year 5. It is still uncertain if there's going to be a universal skin, but there's nothing that makes us think otherwise.

The new game mode will be launched today and will be in Rainbow Six Siege until Aug. 23.