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Rainbow Six Siege announces Crossplay and Cross-Progression to come with Operation Solar Raid

Crossplay and Cross-Progression are coming to Siege!

With the full reveal of Y7S4 Operation Solar Raid around the corner, Rainbow Six Siege has been updating players with different announcements every day. 

Last week, Ubisoft released a short video of the new map that will drop with Operation Solar Raid, known as Nighthaven Labs. It also included a brief look at the new operator, which we know will be from Colombia.

Another change that's coming to Rainbow Six Siege with Operation Solar Raid is the change of the Ranked system, as Ubisoft will release the new mode called Ranked 2.0.

Yesterday, Rainbow Six Siege announced the name of the third faction in the game. After knowing about Team Rainbow and Nighthaven, the Ghosteyes are joining Ubisoft's title

Today, Rainbow Six Siege have announced another feature coming with Operation Solar Raid: Crossplay and Cross-Progression.

For more information about Crossplay and Cross-Progression, check out our Crossplay and Cross-Progression article when the plans were first announced back in Jun. 2021.

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What is Crossplay in Siege?

Crossplay is a feature that will enable players to compete against other players from different platforms. It will enable players to face opposition from PC and Console regardless of the platform used to play Rainbow Six Siege.

What is Cross-Progression in Siege?

Cross-Progression is a feature that enables players to share progression in a game regardless of the platform used. 

This is a feature that many players have asked throughout the years. Many players have started their Rainbow Six Siege experience on console, purchasing skins and collecting other rare cosmetics. However, when swapping to PC, all of that progress was lost as players had no other option other than creating a new account and starting from scratch.

Well, with Cross-Progression, players could have a solution to their problems. Nevertheless, let's see how Ubisoft plans to enable this feature on Rainbow Six Siege before getting too excited.

Operation Solar Raid is going to be huge, so don't miss out on the full reveal, which will take place on the first day of the Jönköping Major -- Nov. 21.

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