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Players are calling the new Valentine's Day bundle for Valorant a scam

Apparently there was a last minute change for these cosmetics

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Just in time for Valentine's Day, Riot released a new bundle for Valorant called Duo's Day Capsule. Although its content is perfect for those couples who enjoy the shooter, the community is not that adamant about it and has shown their discontent on social media.

Why a scam?

The Duo's Day bundle was leaked several days before its release and at first, it was believed that it would be free. However, data miners later discovered that these cosmetics were not meant to be free.

Whether plans changed internally or if this was the intention all along was unknown at that point. On its release day, the official X account for Valorant shared a post in which they claimed players would be able to get these cosmetics simply by logging into the game. Here is a screenshot of the now-deleted post:

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The post was deleted a few moments later and replaced by a new one saying that the cosmetics are available in the store to purchase, seemingly confirming that the original intentions were to give these cosmetics away for free.

Naturally, this infuriated many members of the community who were expecting these cosmetics to be free and the negative comments started to float in on the official post.

Not only are some people saying that the price is too high for what it offers, but they are also pointing out that you could get more rewards in other similar games (like CS2) with the same amount of money.

Even though the majority of the comments are negative, we still believe there will be a good amount of people getting it. Whether Riot does something about it is entirely unknown, but given that the bundle has some minimal cosmetics and with Valentine's Day celebrations ending soon, we don't think there will be a reaction from the studio.

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