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Valorant Duos Day Capsule - Cosmetics and cost

For that special someone

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Riot Games loves to shower Valorant players with tons of cosmetics every few weeks and with Valentine's Day coming up, they've taken the opportunity to add a few nifty trinkets to the in-game shop with the Duo's Day Capsule.

Unlike regular skin bundles, this Valentine's Day drop only has a few Player Cards and Gun Buddies. However, they come with unique effects that might make them worth it.

So let's break down the Duo's Day Capsule in Valorant and see what it includes when you can buy them, and how much it costs.

Valorant Duo's Day Capsule release date and cost

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The Duo's Day Capsule in Valorant will be available for only two weeks starting February 13. It will leave the in-game shop on February 28.

As for the cost, it's priced at 1650 Valorant Points (VP). Compared to skin prices, it's not as high, but it's still relatively pricey for a couple of Gun Buddies and other cosmetics.

Valorant Duo's Day Capsule cosmetics

If you buy the capsule, this is what you'll be getting:

  • Two Gun Buddies
  • Three Player Cards
  • Two Sprays

These cosmetic items have unique animations that might be appealing even if you're playing alone. According to Preeti Khanolkar, the lead cosmetic designer at Riot, the Gun Buddies will have four unique states depending on who has the Gun Buddy equipped.

If you are the only player in your team with it equipped, when you fire, the Gun Buddy will appear to get angry. If another player has it in ur team, the Gun Buddy will change again, if that player fires, it will turn happy.

The Player Cards and Sprays will also have unique animations and soundbites.

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