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Overwatch 2 community in flames after every tank received a mega buff

Tanks have become raid bosses

ramattra megatron from overwatch 2 in nemesis form posing

The mid-season patch for Overwatch 2 Season 11 arrived earlier than expected and brought some controversial changes.

Even though there were some quality-of-life additions and new content from the Transformers collaboration, the patch focused on buffing every hero in the tank role, even the ones that were already dominant like Sigma and Mauga.

After the patch notes went live, content creators and players not only started expressing their discomfort on social media but also recreated some ridiculous scenarios that could happen with the new changes.

Hydron, a popular content creator who mainly plays damage heroes, posted a video showing how a Mauga with his Overdrive ability activated can beat a damage-boosted Bastion who's shooting through Baptiste's window in a gunfight.

Increasing the controversy, users have also found changes that weren't listed in the patch notes, like Orisa being able to headshot with her Javelin ability, leaving people wondering if it was intentional or a bug.

Flats, a well-known content creator who mainly uses tank heroes, expressed that "tank is MUCH more fun to play, HOWEVER, other roles are suffering and that can't stay."

"Shoutout to whoever said overwatch is godzilla vs king kong with 8 spectators... u have never been more right," joked Eskay, another top content creator, when talking about the recent changes on X (formerly Twitter).

Given the amount of talk and discourse this update has caused, we wouldn't be surprised if Blizzard comes out soon with a response or an update on what they plan to do.

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