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Operation Dread Factor Test Server: When is it starting?

Operation Dread Factor's Test Server will start soon!

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Operation Dread Factor has caused great excitement in the Rainbow Six Siege community. With changes to the Practice Field, the arrival of Arcade game modes, and new features for console players, the hype is real.

What if we told you the players can try out the new features before these go live? Well, there's a way!

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Operation Dread Factor Test Server - Date

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Operation Dread Factor's Test Server is expected to start on May. 15.

The players will be able to try out all of the new features included in Operation Dread Factor from today until the release of the new season.

In the Test Server, the community will be able to play with Fenrir, Rainbow Six Siege's new operator. Fenrir is a defender whose gadget causes allucinations to the attackers!

Moreover, the reworked version of Clubhouse, the new Practice Field, or the new Arcade game modes are a few of the features that the players will be able to experience in the Test Server!

When will the new season start?

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Operation Dread Factor is expected to go live in Rainbow Six Siege on May 30.

After Operation Commanding Force, which saw the arrival of Brava to Rainbow Six Siege, Operation Dread Factor will be the game's second season of Year 8.

Fenrir's new concept has been welcomed with open arms, including the new features that will go live to the game in just two weeks. We hope you are excited for Operation Commanding Force!

What is the Test Server?

The Test Server is a version of Rainbow Six Siege separated from the live game where Ubisoft lets the community try out the upcoming changes. It's perfect to detect bugs before the season is released to Rainbow Six Siege, or to spot operator strengths or flaws that must be tweaked.

Although the developers always have the final word, they want to see how the changes affect the meta before arriving to the game. This makes the Test Server the perfect tool, as the community provides Ubisoft with important feedback about the upcoming changes planned for Rainbow Six Siege.

Unfortunately, the Test Server is only open for PC players. As of now, Console players can't download the Test Server.

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