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Is Rainbow Six Extraction dying?

No but it may need life support eventually.

Rainbow Six Extraction was a totally new take on the Tom Clancy gaming universe. Previous Rainbow Six titles have been focused on terrorism and other real-world threats but Extraction decided to change it up with some alien enemies and different gameplay. 

But is this entirely new take on Rainbow Six a hit or a flop with fans? 

How many people are playing Rainbow Six Extraction?

When Rainbow Six Extraction first came out, the game had over 3 million players in the first week. Within the first month, Rainbow Six Extraction had 5 million players. 

Unfortunately, there are not any recent numbers months after the game's release. But a quick glance at the Rainbow Six Extraction category on Twitch will show that the game has definitely decreased in popularity since the launch. At the time of writing, there are around 1.1K viewers

At the same time, Rainbow Six Siege has 8K viewers thanks to its competitive edge and esports scene. 

So is Rainbow Six Extraction dying? Hmmmm, no. But it's definitely not a huge hit for Rainbow Six's playerbase. A lot of the reviews have been negative, with players not enjoying the AI enemies versus Siege's PvP gameplay, and finding the game a bit repetitive and easy. 

Rainbow Six Extraction still has its fans, however, especially as it continues to release creative new game modes like Nightmare Fog


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