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Rainbow Six Extraction Crisis Event Nightmare Fog introduces new game mode, new enemy, new tech

Nightmare Fog is all about distinguishing real from fake.

Nightmare Fog is the next Rainbow Six Extraction Crisis Event, coming [DATE]. 

The second Crisis Event after Spillover, Nightmare Fog is bringing a new game mode, a new Archaean species, and new REACT technology. Here is everything that's coming to Rainbow Six Extraction. 

Nightmare Fog game mode coming to Rainbow Six Siege

Nightmare Fog is a very spooky and difficult game mode that's meant to challenge everything Rainbow Six Extraction fans have grown to enjoy from this eery, dark FPS. 

Per usual, there are three objectives with a map split into three submaps. But this time, there's fog produced by something known as Toxic Tree, an "intangible threat," Extraction Script Writer Linda Ngyuen said, that disrupts operators in a variety of ways. 

The longer you stand in the fog, the more disruptive its psychedelic effects are. You will start to hallucinate, unable to tell what's real and what's fake. The goal is to make your way through this fog to take down the Toxic Tree while balancing your neurotoxin level and fight new alien threats. 

Here's the setup:

First submap

Like previous R6 Extraction gameplay, the first submap will be one of the common challenges: 

  • Specimen
  • Nest tracking
  • Triangulation
  • Hunt
  • Shutdown

Second submap

Once that is accomplished, teams of operators will need to locate nests so they don't spawn more Acheaen. When all of the nests are eliminated, take a sample. 

Third submap

Destroy the Toxic Tree. Once you locate the Toxic Tree, shoot down its anchor points or arch cells to prevent it from healing itself. Meanwhile, waves of Archaeans will spawn to attack you. Expose the Toxic Tree's core and eliminate the tree by performing a takedown. 

But it's not so straightforward, of course. The entire time, you will be surrounded by fog that impacts how you see the game. You'll have to keep a close eye on your neurotoxin level, which has three stages of hallucinations and vision disruption. As you go up in level, you'll also start to lose HP. 

There are also some Archaeans that may or may not be real: 

  • Sleepers: Aliens that stand still, a spooky presence that may distract you
  • Rushers: Enemies that rush towards you, attack without damage, and then disappear
  • Flickerers: Archeaens that appear and disappear, making creepy noises to disturb you
  • Vanishers: Aliens that appear outside your POV and vanish once you turn to locate them

To fight these hallucinations and distractions, your squad will have to find a Neurostim Supply Case, which instantly removes 35% of your toxin level. These are found in safe areas like safe rooms and airlocks. These spots don't have fog but don't automatically lower your neurotoxin level unless you find Neurostims. 

Nightmare Fog tips and tricks

To defeat this game mode, it's important to define an action plan before entering the fog. Standing around in the fog will only make things harder and disrupt your gameplay, so only head in once you know what you are going to do. You need to act fast and efficiently to spend as little time as possible in the fog. 

"Communication and teamwork are key," added Ngyuen. "Abilities and REACT tech are not impacted by the fog so use them to distinguish real from fake." 

Nightmare Fog rewards

The Nightmare Fog event offers exclusive rewards. The first is a Rush Pistol and a Stim Pistol that gives speed boosts and invulnerability for 15 seconds. There will also be new cosmetics to check out, including permanent rewards like headgear, icons, and uniforms. 

Prestige used to be the highest level. Now, you'll be able to get additional XP with a maxed-out Level 10 operator thanks to 10 extra levels separate from Milestone Progression. 

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