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Rainbow Six Extraction gets first Crisis mode Spillover

It's coming soon!

Rainbow Six Extraction just got its first major update since its January release, bringing Crisis Spillover to REACT's attention. Spillover brings new defensive challenges and Archaean abilities to the mix, making it a difficult mode to take on with your squad. 

A crisis is an event available for three weeks. During that time, there will be no weekly assignments. Crisis are available without any REACT or operator progression requirements but you must have at least three available operators in your roster. 

What is Crisis Spillover?

Rainbow Six Extraction developers are calling Spillover "the ultimate defensive experience." There will be nine sprawl colonies to decontaminate within a single submap. 

Start by picking up a Dissolution Agent Canister at the extraction pods. Teams can carry up to three at a time. Plant the canister on the sprawl colony areas and then defend it for 90 seconds from incoming Archaean assaults. The canisters are the aliens' main target. 

Developers told Siege.GG after an early access Spillage session that Spillover was a chance to focus on defensive options. They said: "Reinforcing walls and barricading doors, for example, are not things you usually do a lot of in the main game, but here, it’s critical."

You will need to complete all nine defenses to get the maximum rewards and XP. But remember, each challenge gets tougher and tougher. It's more important than ever to have a deep understanding of the enemy and the location, especially because you'll have limited refill stations. 

Developers told Siege.GG: "[Spillage is] certainly a unique take on the skills needed to succeed, which are much more defense oriented. We are using more alien archetypes than a regular main-game incursion usually contains, to keep it varied. The amount of time allowed to complete the entire incursion also plays a part in the difficulty. As a squad, you’ll have to be efficient."

Crisis Spillage has a focus on "knowledge acquisition path"

Since Spillage takes place in one map throughout, there is a major emphasis on understanding the location as well as you can to better strategize with your team. This is known as a "knowledge acquisition path," according to Extraction developers. 

Developers told Siege.GG: "The more you play the event, the more you learn, the more your strategy and choices become effective."

As the challenges become more and more difficult, teams will need to rely on expert communication and strategy to properly react to situations they don't normally face in Extraction. One of these new things is alien abilities. 

What new abilities do Archaeans have in Spillage?

Crisis Spillover introduces new abilities to Archaeans, inspired by pretty interesting lore. Sprawl Colonies in Spillover were created by the parasite to store energy to generate huge Archaean waves and also buff Archaeans within the sprawl.

The parasite has also added mutations to the aliens, known as "traits." Some colonies of Archaeans will be cloaked. Others will have spores attached to them. While the Archaeans will have new abilities, it will feel consistent due to the lore behind the updates. This means there are tactical ways to figure out how to defeat these overpowered Archaeans with your squad. 

"It’s really satisfying when you understand why you fail, then have to think about something to try [and overcome the challenge] and see if it actually works and improves your overall progress in the objective," developers explained. 

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