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How to unlock L115 in XDefiant

Here's how to get the L115 sniper in XDefiant

XDefiant player aiming with sniper rifle at opponent standing in front of military vehicle

Want to know how to unlock the L115 in XDefiant? We've got everything there is to know.

Season 1 of Ubisoft's free-to-play arena shooter brings a wealth of new content ranging from the Sawed-Off Shotgun to the single-life Bomb game mode which is bound to prove popular among players looking for a slightly slower pace of play.

The L115 is the latest sniper rifle to arrive and we've got all the intel on how to obtain it in this handy guide packed with everything there is to know about one of the latest additions to the ever-expanding gun list.

How to get L115 in XDefiant

Just like the LVOA-C and the Sawed-Off Shotgun, the process of unlocking the L115 in XDefiant is extremely easy. To unlock, reach tier 50 of the Season 1 battle pass and it will appear in the loadout creation menus.

So far, Ubisoft hasn't shared the exact tier where the sniper rifle appears but as soon as it appears, we'll update the guide with everything there is to know.

When Season 1 has come to an end, the developer has revealed the unlock method will change but they've not yet revealed the requirements. We expect it to be similar to other weapon unlocks that require players to complete challenges during matches.

Image of XDefiant player firing L115 sniper rifle at opponent standing in doorway with a flamethrower

XDefiant L115 overview

During the Season 1 XDebrief, developers described the L115 as a "middle ground" sniper possessing solid damage output and a reasonably fast aim-down sight speed. The rifle is capable of delivering one-shot kills when hitting a target from anywhere above the torso.

There's a high chance the L115 will become a popular choice as it manages to strike a balance between mobility and firepower.

That's everything there is to know about how to unlock the L115 sniper rifle in XDefiant. For more, check out the latest information on Ranked play and when the next double XP event is expected to take place.

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