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How to lean without aiming on XBOX in Siege

Leaning is very important in Siege, but how to do it?

In Rainbow Six Siege, the platform you use to play is the backbone of your experience in the game. It's not the same playing on a PC than playing on a console.

One example to explain the difference between Rainbow Six Siege on PC and on console is recoil. With the release of Operation Brutal Swarm, Ubisoft announced the decision of separating console recoil from PC recoil.

In terms of aim, it's smoother and generally easier to aim on PC than aiming on console. Because of this difference, a big number of console players have always played with mouse and keyboard (MnK) on console. The situation was so critical that it pushed Ubisoft to find a solution to stop players from using MnK, which recently came to the game in the form of Mousetrap.

However, there's another important difference to mention: leaning without aiming.

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How to lean without aiming on XBOX in Siege?

Unfortunately, XBOX players can't lean without aiming... yet. As of now, only PC players can lean without aiming.

However, a change is around the corner. Ubisoft is already working on bringing this feature to console players, which will arrive in the game sooner than later.

Console players, including XBOX and PlayStation players, will be able to change their controller layout. In other words, console players will be given the chance to choose what keys to use to lean without aiming.

With this change coming to the game, the door will be open for players to lean without aiming in Rainbow Six Siege. How exciting is that, uh?

When will leaning on console in Siege happen?

Although a huge part of the community is already looking forward to this feature, the truth is that players will have to wait a bit for it to be real.

As announced at the Six Invitational 2023, Rainbow Six Siege expects to bring leaning without aiming for XBOX and PlayStation somewhen in Year 8

Is leaning important in Siege?

Leaning is very important in Siege. It's a crucial mechanic to get the best out of your operator's weapon in gunfights.

Players tend to lean while aiming to peek angles, especially when using sights like the x2.5 scope. However, it's even more important to lean without aiming, as this gives the player a huge advantage when trying to peek or get information. It can also help you to hide better in some spots!

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