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Here are the best spawn peeks in Rainbow Six Siege

Spawn peeks are very useful... and annoying.

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Nobody can deny that Rainbow Six Siege is a complicated video game. Strats are important, as well as understanding how every operator and map work. However, at the end of the day, the team that kills its opposition first wins the round.

In Rainbow Six Siege, one of the most popular ways of killing is "spawn peeking". While getting a kill through this method may be very satisfying, dying from it is very annoying. Nevertheless, knowing about spawn peeks is crucial, not just to kill people from time to time, but also to avoid a quick death.

Here you will find some of the most popular spawn peeks in Rainbow Six Siege. Use them as you please!

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What is a spawn peek in Rainbow Six Siege?

In Rainbow Six Siege, spawn peeking is the action of killing a player seconds after spawning on the map.

During the preparation phase, some defenders try to get early kills by peeking through windows or walls near the spawning zones. Securing a kill means the defenders get an early operator advantage, which on paper can be even more crucial if the attacker killed is a hard-breacher.

What are the best operators to spawn peek with in Rainbow Six Siege?

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Anybody can spawn peek in Rainbow Six Siege, but the truth is that some operators are better than others. Generally, players opt at using defenders who have access to 1.5x scopes, with Doc, Rook, and Echo being the most popular options.

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Following her most recent buff, Thorn has become another great option to spawn peek. Her new 1.5x scope allows her to be more aggressive in long-distance gunfights, which is very important when trying to peek from a window.

Best spawn peeks in Rainbow Six Siege

Here are some of the best and most popular spawn peek spots in Rainbow Six Siege!


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Chalet is the perfect map to spawn peek. There are a handful of spots just on this map!

The most common spawn peek on Chalet is from one of the double windows on the second floor. From there, you can get a perfect sight of the attackers coming from one of the four available spawns. Keep in mind that this is a very well-known spot, so expect the attackers to pre-fire you!


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Oregon is a map with many windows, which means there's plenty of potential for spawn kills. Peeking from Armory's window is one of the most popular spots on the map, so you better watch out if you're an attacker!


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In Clubhouse, attackers usually spawn in the Warehouse area. Defenders usually try to spawn peek towards that direction, especially when defending CCTV/Cash. If you try out this spawn peek you must be careful, as some attackers get to the top of the Warehouse quickly to counter this spawn peek.


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This is one of the best spawn peeks! Wait five seconds after the conclusion of the preparation phase and run to this part of the map. From time to time you will find attackers rappeling, so getting the kill is pretty easy. You can even get extra help from default cameras in the area!


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This is very cheeky. On Border, attackers often go to the main door of the building to rappel to the first floor. From the Server Room, you can see the feet of those attackers going moving from the Parking Lot. Getting this kill is very, very satisfactory!

Kafe Dostoyevsky

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Kafe is another map packed with windows facing multiple spawn spots, so spawn kills are very popular on this map. From Piano, defenders have a wide range of spots. However, one of the most useful ones is found in the White Corridor.


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Last but not least, Consulate is another map to mention on the list. Here's one of the most popular spawn peeks in the game, as players usually wait from the Consul Office double window to find the attackers coming from the Gas Station.

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