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Helldivers 2: All titles and unlock requirements

Skull Admiral is out, Super Private is the new hotness

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Titles in Helldivers 2 are a way to brag to your friends about how much democracy you have spread throughout the galaxy. This guide will look at all available titles and how to unlock them.

Patch 01.000.200 has raised the level cap in Helldivers 2 from 50 to 150, giving players all-new ranks to grind towards. Previously, the level cap was locked at 50, and many players had already reached the max level.

Now that the max level has tripled, it will be interesting to see how quickly the player base reaches the new cap. Following the game's launch, players quickly achieved level 50.

Levelling up a rank requires Helldivers 2 players to gain XP through finishing mission objectives, personal orders, and killing enemies. The grind is real, and the race to rank 150 has begun; make the grind a bit easier for yourself by ensuring you have the best weapons equipped for the current meta, and the perfect stratagem loadout locked down.

All Helldivers 2 titles and unlock requirements

Unlock Requirement
Reach Rank 1
Space Cadet
Reach Rank 5
Reach Rank 10
Master Sergeant
Reach Rank 15
Reach Rank 20
Space Chief Prime
Reach Rank 25
Death Captain
Reach Rank 30
Reach Rank 35
Star Marshal
Reach Rank 40
Reach Rank 45
Skull Admiral
Reach Rank 50
Fleet Admiral
Reach Rank 60
Admirable Admiral
Reach Rank 70
Reach Rank 80
Galactic Commander
Reach Rank 90
Hell Commander
Reach Rank 100
Reach Rank 110
5-Star General
Reach Rank 120
10-Star General
Reach Rank 130
Reach Rank 140
Super Private
Reach Rank 150
Super Citizen
Super Citizen Edition DLC
No data

Fleet Admiral is the first new title for those who manage to rank up to level 60; there are eight more titles to obtain before reaching Super Private, which is unlockable by reaching the new level cap of 150.

It will not take long for the Helldivers community to tick off these new ranks; Super Private is the highest obtainable. You will need to reach level 150 to unlock the new max-level title, adding 100 extra levels to the previous top tier: Skull Admiral, given to those who had reached level 50.

The previous rank system, which peaked at 50, awarded titles in five-level increments, starting with Cadet for those at level one. After level 60, titles are unlocked every ten levels.

How to change your title in Helldivers 2

In Helldivers 2, applying a title is a personal touch to your character, a reflection of your journey, and a way to brag to your teammates. Changing your old title to a newly earned one is a way to inspire others to knuckle down and continue the fight for freedom.

Return to your ship, interact with your Amory, and open the character customization screen. Under the Character tab, select Title. Here, you'll find a list of all unlocked titles, each one a testament to your achievements in the name of Super Earth. Choose the one that resonates with you and hit Equip.

A new patch has expanded the selection of random events that spreaders of democracy might come across while planetside on a mission. Sandstorms and blizzards are two new planetary hazards added to the game, as revealed in the patch notes for this update.

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