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Has Operation Deep Freeze been delayed?

The rumors say so...

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Bad news may be around the corner for the Rainbow Six Siege community as Operation Deep Freeze could be delayed.

Operation Deep Freeze will bring a new operator called Tubarão, a new map, a new Battle Pass, and more exciting content. However, the rumors say that the season could be postponed. Is it true?

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Has Operation Deep Freeze been delayed?

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Operation Deep Freeze was supposed to be launched in Rainbow Six Siege on Nov. 28. Unfortunately, some bugs on Lair and a potential upcoming nerf for Tubarão may be the causes of this unconfirmed delay.

Tubarão's gadget, the Zoto Canister, has proven to be too powerful in the Test Server as it gives the defenders the power to freeze hard breaching charges and other devices. Moreover, it can be used to slow down the attackers.

While Ubisoft hasn't made an official statement about it, no information about patch sizes has been unveiled yet. As we are still waiting for a confirmation, Operation Deep Freeze's date remains the same.

When will Operation Deep Freeze be deployed?

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Operation Deep Freeze will be released on Dec. 6, according to Rainbow Six Siege's most recent announcement.

Meanwhile, Operation Deep Freeze's Test Server will conclude on Dec. 5. This means that you still have some hours to try out the upcoming season before it's deployed in the live build!

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