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Esports Hub returns to Valorant ahead of VCT 2024 season

The Esports Hub is back!

With the start of the VCT 2024 being just around the corner, Valorant has re-introduced the Esports Hub.

If you're a fan of Valorant's Esports scene, you may enjoy this new feature. Here's everything you need to know about the Esports Hub and what you can find in there!

What is Valorant's Esports Hub?

Valorant's Esports Hub contains all the information about the Valorant Esports circuit. There, you can find information about regional leagues, international tournaments, and the teams included in the VCT competitions.

The first events of the VCT 2024 calendar are the Kick-Off regional leagues. The best two teams from each division will qualify for the Valorant Masters Madrid, which will be played in March.

Following the conclusion of the Masters Madrid, Stage 1 will start. The best 12 teams in the world will qualify for the Valorant Masters Shanghai, which will be played in June.

Stage 2 will start in July as we will meet the teams that will qualify for the Valorant Champions. For more information, check out our guide about Valorant's Esports circuit format!

When is the VCT 2024 season starting?

The VCT 2024 will kick off on Feb. 16 with the beginning of the VCT Americas. However, each division has its starting date. Here's when each competition starts!

As mentioned earlier, the best two teams from each division will qualify for the Masters Madrid, which will take place from Mar. 14 to Mar. 24.

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