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VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: Format, calendar, competitions, teams, and championship points

Here's everything you need to know about the VALORANT Champions Tour 2024!

After almost five months of waiting since Evil Geniuses’ victory at the VALORANT Champions 2023, we finally have more details regarding Valorant’s esports circuit heading to the 2024 season.

The official announcement confirmed the start date of the VCT 2024, which will kick off on Feb. 16. Moreover, the news included more information regarding new features and competitions that will shape this year’s Valorant esports circuit.

Are you ready? Here’s everything you need to know about the VCT 2024 esports circuit!

Format and competitions

The first part of the season will be played from Feb. 16 to Mar. 24 as the teams will play in their respective Kickoff tournament. The two best rosters from each Kickoff competition will qualify for the Masters Madrid.

Here’s a look at how each competition is placed on the calendar:

  • VCT Americas: Feb. 16 to Mar. 2
  • VCT Pacific: Feb. 17 to Mar. 2
  • VCT EMEA: Feb. 20 to Mar. 2
  • VCT China: Feb. 22 to Mar. 2

As we previously mentioned, the best two teams from each competition will compete in the Masters Madrid. The Masters Madrid will be played from Mar. 14 to Mar. 24.

The second part of the season will start in April as the best teams in the world will be placed in what has been called International Stage 1. The best three teams from each division will qualify for the Masters Shanghai.

The final part of the season will start after the conclusion of the Master Shanghai, as the International Stage 2 will begin. The best three teams from each International Stage 2 division will qualify for the VALORANT Champions 2024, as they will be followed by each region's highest Championship Point holder.

But, how do Championship Points work? Here’s more information about them!

Championship Points

One of the main new features included in this edition of the VCT is Championship Points. According to Riot’s official announcement, “Championship Points are designed to reward teams for strong performances throughout the season.”

How can teams obtain Championship Points?

Teams will obtain Championship Points throughout the season by playing matches, climbing through the ranks, and more. Here’s a closer look at the Championship Point system:

  • One point for every match won during international league play.
  • Three points to each league winner.
  • Three points to each VCT Kickoff and Masters winner.

The team with the highest amount of points from each league will qualify for the VALORANT Champions 2024!


In total, the VCT 2024 esports circuit includes 44 teams split into four regional divisions: VCT Americas, VCT Pacific, VCT EMEA, and VCT China.

Here’s more information regarding each team in the scene!

VCT Americas

The VCT Americas will include eleven teams, which are the following:

  •   Evil Geniuses
  •   NRG
  •   100 Thieves
  •   Cloud9
  •   Sentinels
  •   G2 Esports
  •   LOUD
  •   MIBR
  •   FURIA Esports
  •   KRÜ Esports
  •   Leviatán

VCT Pacific

The VCT Pacific will include 11 teams, which are the following:

  •   DRX
  •   Gen.G
  •   T1
  •   DetonatioN FocusMe
  •   Paper Rex
  •   Bleed Esports
  •   Team Secret
  •   Talon Esports
  •   Rex Regum Qeon
  •   Global Esports


The VCT EMEA will include 11 teams, which are the following:

  •   KOI
  •   GIANTX
  •   Team Heretics
  •   Karmine Corp
  •   Team Vitality
  •   Gentle Mates
  •   FUT Esports
  •   BBL Esports
  •   Fnatic
  •   Natus Vincere
  •   Team Liquid

VCT China

The VCT China will include 11 teams, which are the following:

  •   FunPlus Phoenix
  •   Bilibili Gaming
  •   EDward Gaming
  •   JD Gaming
  •   All Gamers
  •   Wolves Esports
  •   TYLOO
  •   Nova Esports
  •   Titan Esports Club
  •   Trace Esports
  •   Dragon Ranger Gaming

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