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Destiny 2 Prophecy dungeon is getting a weapon refresh with patch 7.3.5

Finally, an excuse to run the best dungeon in the game again

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Destiny 2 update 7.3.5 promises to revitalize the game amid a content drought thanks to The Final Shape and the next season being delayed until June. Now, Bungie has revealed that the Prophecy dungeon will receive a loot refresh to give players something else to chase.

Previously, Bungie teased fans that untouched content would be getting revamped with patch 7.3.5 and Into the Light, a mid-season update that will work similarly to the 30th Anniversary patch set to prepare new players for The Final Shape and give veterans more content while the expansion drops.

With the February 22 This Week in Destiny 2 post, Bungie revealed that Prophecy, a free-to-play dungeon that first debuted in June 2020, is getting a loot refresh.

Not only are new weapons incoming, but an Origin Trait is being added; furthermore, weapons already part of the pool will receive updated perk pools to make them more viable in the current sandbox.

Prophecy dungeon new loot pool - All 7.3.5 changes

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This is everything coming to the Prophecy dungeon when patch 7.3.5 hits on March 5.

New Origin Trait - Crossing Over

  • These weapons have increased range and handling for the top half of the magazine, while rounds from the bottom half of the magazine deal increased damage.


Removed weapons

  • A Swift Verdict Sidearm
  • The Long Walk Sniper Rifle
  • The Last Breath Auto Rifle

Added weapons

These come with new perk pools and, in some cases, new damage types.

Prosecutor Auto Rifle

  • Precision Frame
  • Arc
  • Origin Trait: Crossing Over

Adjudicator Submachine Gun

  • Precision Frame
  • Kinetic
  • Origin Trait: Crossing Over

Relentless Pulse Rifle

  • High-impact Frame
  • Damage changed from Kinetic to Strand
  • Origin Trait: Crossing Over

Updated weapons

New perk pools and new damage types

Judgment Hand Cannon

  • Adaptive Frame
  • Damage changed from Kinetic to Stasis
  • Origin Trait: Crossing Over

Darkest Before Pulse Rifle

  • Rapid-Fire Frame
  • Damage changed from Arc to Solar
  • Origin Trait: Crossing Over

A Sudden Death Shotgun

  • Aggressive Frame
  • Damage changed from Arc to Void
  • Origin Trait: Crossing Over

Updated Encounter drops

Phalanx Echo

  • Relentless Pulse Rifle
  • Prosecutor Auto Rifle

The Cube

  • A Sudden Death Shotgun
  • Adjudicator Submachine Gun

Kell Echo (Awards at Emissary Chest)

  • Judgement Hand Cannon
  • Darkest Before Pulse Rifle

There you have it, for more on Destiny 2, check out the PvP changes teased by Bungie.

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