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Destiny 2: How to get Enhancement Cores

Better start farming

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With The Final Shape, Enhancement Cores will become a hot commodity, especially after legacy currencies such as Legendary Shards are removed from Destiny 2 when the expansion launches on June 4.

Bungie has confirmed Enhancement Cores will remain a key material for players who want to upgrade their weapons with the newly revamped weapon enhancement system in place for The Final Shape.

So, if you're looking to get ready before the DLC drops, these are the best methods to get Enhancement Cores in Destiny 2. While you're here, consider checking out all weapon buffs and nerfs coming with The Final Shape.

Best Enhancement Core farm method in Destiny 2

There are multiple ways of getting Enhancement Cores in Destiny 2, but perhaps the most optimal way of doing so is by doing a neat trick showcased by content creator Dukeiscool.

The way to do this is simple:

  • Go to your Collections tab and purchase any blue gear
  • Use three Enhancement Cores and one Enhancement Prism to level it up
  • Dismantle it. It should drop you six Enhancement Cores

As you can see, this is the fastest method, however, the big caveat is that you'll be giving out a Prism for three Cores, so don't rely too much on it or the grind to get your Enhancement Prisms back will be twice as painful.

Aside from that and in case you don't have the Prisms to spare, there are other ways of getting your hands on Enhancement Cores.

Banshe-44 bounties

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The faithful gunsmith offers four daily bounties that each reward one Enhancement Core. The bounties are incredibly easy and they mostly revolve around getting kills with a specific type of weapon.

The best thing about Banshee is that you get offered four bounties per character, making it so you can get up to 12 Cores per day if you play three different characters. In total, there are 84 Enhancement Cores up for grabs this way.

Legend and Master Lost Sectors

If you're a newcomer this one might be tough but as a veteran, tackling Legend and Master Lost Sectors is a good way of getting materials, including Enhancement Cores.

Essentially, these are harder Lost Sectors with modifiers that make the encounters more challenging but extra rewarding if you complete them, so it's definitely in your best interest to start doing some beyond just getting access to more Cores. You can expect from one to three Enhancement Cores to drop each completion.


Similar to the Lost Sectors, Nightfalls are harder versions of regular strikes in Destiny 2. They come with multiple tiers of difficulty, with the easiest one, called Hero, having Enhancement Cores as a reward.

The Power Level requirements change each season, but it's usually low enough for almost every player to tackle them right from the get-go. Plus, you'll get the added bonus of potentially getting your hands on the weekly Nightfall weapon.

Master Rahool

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Going back to Prisms, Master Rahool does sell a limited amount of Enhancement Cores each week for a small fee. In total, you can get 15 Cores at the cost of three Enhancement Prism and 7,500 Glimmer each week.

Dismantling gear

If you've acquired a ton of gear and weapons you don't use, dismantling will occasionally hand you Enhancement Cores. Specifically, dismantling gear you've previously upgraded or completely masterworked.

So if you're regretting spending those Cores on a weapon that wasn't as good as you thought, dismantling will give you back some materials.

And that's it. We have plenty of content to get you ready for The Final Shape, including a look at the brand-new exotic class items.

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