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Destiny 2: How to get Allstar Vector Skimmer

A brand-new vehicle is here!

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Destiny 2's friendly competition among Guardians has begun with the Guardian Games returning. As always, Bungie has added a few new weapons, some old returning ones with brand-new perks, but most importantly for this year - a brand-new type of vehicle called the Skimmer.

Of course, the 7.3.5 update is much more than that, bringing some much-needed balance changes for PvP and loot updates for PvE content like the Prophecy dungeon, but all eyes are on the Allstar Vector Skimmer, as it's the first time Bungie adds a new permanent way of traversal besides Sparrows.

So in this guide, we'll tell you how to get the Skimmer, with a complete step-by-step starting you off right from the beginning of the Guardian Games. It's worth noting that everyone can get their hands on this vehicle since it's not tied to paid content.

How to get the Skimmer in Destiny 2

The first thing to do is to go to the Tower and speak with Eva Levante; she'll give you the Guardian Games introductory quest called Best in Class. It's a simple tutorial quest that's very easy to complete in a few minutes.

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These are the steps:

Best in Class quest steps

  • Step 1: Pick up a Platinum, Diamond, or Contender Card from Eva Levante
  • Step 2: Complete a Supremacy match or a Guardian Games playlist activity to earn your first Medallion (you need to have your class item equipped)
  • Step 3: After playing an activity, go back to Eva Levante and speak with her. She will hand you a Medallion case
  • Step 4: Deposit the Medallions you earned during the activity you played at the depository behind Eva. This step will reward you with the Hullabaloo Grenade Launcher
  • Step 5: Claim your first Guardian Games 2024 challenge. Go to the quests tab on the main menu, select Guardian Games, and claim the In It to Win It event challenge; this will reward you with another Hullabaloo
  • Step 6: Speak with Commander Zavala at the Tower. He will give you the Shoot to Score quest
  • Step 7: Speak with Shaxx at the Tower. He will give you the Vying for Supremacy quest
  • Step 8: Speak with Eva one more time. She will give you another Hullabaloo and access to the Top of Class exotic quest and the Drop In quest, which you need to complete to earn the Skimmer

As you can see, you only need to complete a single activity. The bulk of the quest involves talking to NPCs who will grant you more activity-specific targets.

After you finish the Best in Class quest, you'll get access to a temporary version of the Allstar Vector Skimmer, which will expire once the Guardian Games are over.

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To add the Skimmer to your collection permanently, you'll need to complete the follow-up Drop In quest, granted to you by Eva Levante for finishing Best in Class.

Drop In quest steps

This is another simple quest. There are three requirements; however, you only need to complete a single one to earn the Skimmer permanently.

  • Earn a Medallion score of 1,200
  • Earn a top 10% score in Nightfall challenges
  • Open your Focus Activity winners packages (three)

The easiest step is earning Medallions as it can be completed even if you're not into PvP. However, the fastest is opening Focus Activity winners packages, although you rely on the community to earn them.

Focus Activities are new modifiers in this event. Every two hours on weekdays (and three on the weekends), the Focus Activity will change. You can easily see which is the active Focus Activity by checking the Tower map

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If you participate in these highlighted activities, you'll earn points for your class. After breaking past reward thresholds (Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3), completing the Focus Activity again will grant that threshold's reward package.

All good, right? Well, the quest step specifically indicates you'll need to earn a winners package meaning that your class needs to be the one with the most points accured during the time period a Focus Activity is available to complete that step. So it's a bit harder than you might think.

Once you complete one of the three steps, the Allstar Vector Skimmer will be yours forever.

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