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CS2 System Requirements: Minimum and recommended PC specs

Here is what you need to play CS2 smoothly

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CS2 features a major improvement in graphics over its predecessor, meaning that the system requirements in this new game are more demanding. After all, CSGO was known to be an easy-to-access game in part due to the relatively low PC specs required to play it.

If you are planning to download and try Counter-Strike 2 for the first time, we have all the info you need regarding the system requirements.

CS2 System Requirements

Here is the full list of system requirements for CS2 listed on the game's Steam page:

SteamOS + Linux
Operating System
Windows 10
Ubuntu 20.4
Intel® Core™ i5 750 or higher
Intel® Core™ i5 750 or higher
Graphics card
Video card must be 1 GB or more and should be a DirectX 11-compatible with support for Shader Model 5.0
AMD GCN+ or NVIDIA Kepler+ with up-to-date Vulkan drivers. Support for VK_EXT_graphics_pipeline_library highly recommended.
85 GB available space
85 GB available space
Version 11
Sound card
Highly recommended

Even though specs are much higher, they are still not difficult to achieve for most gaming PCs nowadays. The game not only offers updated graphics with the use of the Source 2 engine but also new physics for several elements like the smoke, redesigned visual effects, and updated textures for all the cosmetics/items that were available in CSGO.

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Keep in mind that these are the minimum specs required to run the game and since Valve hasn't posted a list of recommended specs, we believe these components are enough to run the game without any sort of issues or compromises.

Once you get on the game, you can activate either the Net Graph or the FPS meter to keep track of the game's performance.

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