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Bungie bans Destiny 2 accounts over hateful messages towards developers

No tolerance for that kind of behavior

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Bungie has confirmed they have banned the Steam accounts that popped up during the recent Into the Light developer stream showing hateful messages towards the developers.

Bungie recently displayed the Onslaught, a free three-player activity, and also revealed some returning weapons that will be included in the upcoming Into the Light DLC. This is to be the first of three streams. However, during the stream, some fans noticed that Steam notifications were not disabled, which ended up displaying the friend list activity.

As a result, some members of the community decided to send friend requests with inappropriate names and hateful messages towards the developers. Initially, Noah Lee, associate activity designer at Bungie, mentioned that he was so busy with the stream that he didn't notice what was happening.

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After a few hours, the official Destiny2Team Reddit account, which is managed by the staff to establish a more direct communication with the community, replied to a thread saying that they have identified and banned several individuals who sent harmful notifications.

We were able to track down the accounts of several individuals who sent the harmful notifications and we have banned them from Destiny 2. We are taking extra measures to make sure this doesn't happen again and look forward to sharing more info with you all in next week's stream

Unfortunately, the relationship between the Destiny 2 community and the game developers has been growing increasingly strained in recent months. This is due to the delay in releasing The Final Shape, which has resulted in a lack of new content for players to enjoy. As a result, the game is currently in a rough state and many fans are feeling disappointed.

Into the Light was created to fill in the gap between the start of Season of the Wish and the release of the Final Shape, originally intended to launch in February.

If Bungie fails to deliver a meaningful update, it could spell disaster for the developers, especially with Sony breathing down their neck according to reports, which suggest that the company could take full control over Bungie if they fail to hit their targets for the year.

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