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Brazil League 2024 kickoff date announced

The start of the Brazil League is just around the corner.

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Banner Image: Ubisoft / @ericananmalay

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege fans were left speechless after the conclusion of the Six Invitational 2024, with many of them getting into the game's esports scenario. Right now, the game seems to be heading to a second youth. With its Steam numbers being the highest they have been since Apr. 2021, the hype around Siege is real.

However, having esports competitions may be crucial to keep the excitement alive. Having storylines to look forward to, big organizations on the scene, and great plays is vital to keep the community engaged.

Recently, the community was given the news that the Europe League 2024 would be back on Mar. 16. But, what about the other regions? Well, we are happy to say we have got good news for you.

When is Siege's Brazil League 2024 starting?

According to Rainbow Six Siege Esports Brazil's most recent announcement, the Brazil League 2024 will start on Mar. 16.

The Brazil League is Brazil's top-flight competition in the region, with the best teams competing there. The best four by the end of the first stage will qualify for the BLAST R6 Major Copenhagen!

Who's competing in Siege's Brazil League 2024?

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While ten organizations are expected to compete in Siege's Brazil League, we only know the names of eight of them. The list includes the following teams:

Lately, various organizations have published posts on X (formerly known as Twitter) that may be teasers of them joining the Brazil League 2024, including FURIA Esports and Fluxo.

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