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An Aim Lab-styled training mode is coming to Siege

Siege's Practice Field mode is evolving!

Have you ever wanted to practice your aim in Rainbow Six Siege but got bored of playing Terrorist Hunt? Well, Practice Field will be your answer starting with Y8S2.

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What is Siege's Practice Field?

Right now, Rainbow Six Siege's Practice Field is a game mode where players can shoot at a motionless target.

Players can decide to shoot between a mannequin or a big target which helps them to understand how weapons behave with their gun attachments. Practice Fields also provide information about the damage a gun delivers.

Practice Field is a great mode to understand how Siege works. When a weapon gets a new attachment or when an operator gets changed, players can use the Practice Fields as a game mode to understand how these affect the operator.

However, we understand that it can get boring. Moreover, Practice Fields don't give players the option to shoot at moving targets, so it's not very useful to practice your aim or to warm up before a long session of Siege.

That's why Ubisoft are planning to change Siege's Practice Field in Y8S2.

Siege Y8S2: Practice Field

With the second operation of Year 8, Rainbow Six Siege's Practice Field is going to change.

Rainbow Six Siege will introduce different options to warm up and to improve your aim. Players will be able to shoot at multiple motionless targets and also moving targets. Training your Rainbow Six Siege skills will get easier!

Operation Commanding Force won't introduce changes to Rainbow Six Siege's Practice Field, so players will have to wait a few more months. However, these are coming, just be patient!

For more information about Y8S1 Operation Commanding Force, check out our summary article here and read about the Year 8 roadmap here.

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