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What is a trap operator in Rainbow Six Siege?

Here's how to be a trap operator in Rainbow Six Siege.

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If you are playing as a defender in Rainbow Six Siege, traps are your best allies. If you are an attacker, well, they are your worst nightmare.

Traps are an important part of Siege and the variety of them has increased year after year. Now, players even complain about how many traps they have to deal with while attacking. Believe us, we feel you.

Here's everything you need to know about trap operators in Rainbow Six Siege.

What is a trap operator in Rainbow Six Siege?

The name says it all: trap operators are those that can place traps in certain parts of the map. Kapkan is the best example, as he can place booby traps at up to five doors. He can even place all of them in the same door, although that's a bit useless — two are enough to kill an attacker.

Although the Russian operator was the first trap operator ever released, the list is now a long one. There are operator traps that injure the attackers (Frost), traps that disorient (Ela), or even attacker trap operators (Nomad and Gridlock).

Rainbow Six Siege trap operators


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Kapkan's entry denial device was the very first trap in the game. Right now, Kapkan has five of them and can be used in different doors. Walking through a door with a Kapkan trap will deliver between 40-60 hp of damage, but that will be increased by placing more than one. So, if you place two traps in the same door, you will at least secure an injury.


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Frost's gadget is called the Welcome Mat. She has three of them which can be placed on any surface in the map, including floors or any table big enough to support it. These are usually placed under windows, next to shields, or at strategic places to stop attackers. Once an attacker steps on the trap, the operator will be automatically downed.


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Lesion's trap is called Gu Mine. He basically deploys poisonous mines that deliver damage and slow down the enemy. The poisoned attacker will have to stop to remove the Gu Mine, otherwise, its HP will go down. Removing it is also the only way to move to a normal speed.


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Ela's Grzmot Mine doesn't deliver any damage, but it's as annoying as the previous traps. The mines are activated once an attacker gets close enough. When a Grzmot Mine is triggered, the explosion will disorient the attacker. It is really annoying, it slows you down, and it's difficult to aim and shoot while being under the effects of it.


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Alibi's trap is different from any other trap in the game. The Prismas are holograms of Alibi that spot attackers once they shoot at one. Once they are spotted, defenders obviously know their location for a brief period of time, which can be decisive.


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Thorn's gadget is the Razorbloom Shell and, just like Ela's mines, it is triggered when attackers get closer to it. The gadget delivers damage and can kill if all the blades impact the attacker. Once the gadget is triggered, the attacker's only option is running to escape from the blades.


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Technically, defenders are not the only operators allowed to use traps. Nomad's Airjab is deployed next to doors or strategic spots to stop defenders from flanking. An Airjab next to a window will make jumpouts impossible, for example. Once the Airjab is triggered, the defender will be repulsed, disoriented, and exposed to any attacker nearby.


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Gridlock Trax Stingers cover a huge area of barbed mats. These slow down defenders and even deal damage. With a shotgun as secondary and a very good set of primaries, and smokes, this operator is a really good option for your games!

How do I improve at playing trap operators in R6 Siege?

There's no clear way to improve as a trap operator. Our only advice is to play smart.

Place your traps in places where attackers usually push from, like doors close to the site you are defending. In Kapkan's case, place two devices per door, for example. Ela's Grzmot Mines can be used to detect operators, once the gadget is triggered you know where the attackers are. Same with Lesion mines.

In the case of Nomad and Gridlock, place the traps in strategic places such as doors or places where defenders try to flank during the final stages of a round. A well-placed Airjab or the Trax Stingers incredible gadgets if properly used.

Be smart, try to place all of your traps. If you slow down the enemy, you win. It can give your team a huge advantage at the end of the round!

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