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Rainbow Six Siege fans not impressed with operator portraits

They can use some improvements.

Operator portraits were introduced to Rainbow Six Siege to the first time in the High Calibre battle pass. But players are not impressed with the implementation of this new cosmetic feature. 

Currently, operator portraits are solo awards, meaning they are the only award at certain battle pass tier levels and don't come with anything else when part of an Alpha Pack. This has become troublesome for some players because the portraits show operators in a certain skin.

On Reddit, a Rainbow Six Siege fan noted that having an operator portrait of an operator in a certain skin that the player doesn't own is a bit pointless. The player said that the portraits should come with the skin. 

One Rainbow Six Siege player noted that they liked the outfit that was part of a recent event so they had purchased multiple Alpha Packs. Instead of the skin, the player got multiple operator portraits, which they said was money "down the drain." 

Another R6 fan added that portraits exist to "inflate" Alpha Packs. Some said it was Ubisoft's "middle finger" to players. 

One player said that operator portraits are better than charms, which were in the Alpha Packs before. But some found this to be a questionable claim, stating that portraits are worse. 

What is an operator portrait? 

Operator portraits are images that can be seen before the start of a match and in various places within Rainbow Six Siege. It's a way to customize your profile to other players in the game, using the operator portrait of the operator you selected instead of the usual image. 

How do you get operator portraits in Rainbow Six Siege?

Rainbow Six Siege operator portraits are available in five different rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The portraits can be purchased with Renown or credits within R6's store. Players can also get operator portraits within the battle pass, in Alpha Packs, or during special events. 

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