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Six Sweden Major MVP: Cyber

A dominant tournament for the Brazilian player ends with a title and MVP award.

Jamie “Cyber” Ramos is the SiegeGG MVP of the Six Sweden Major. His exceptional individual effort in the grand finals helped FaZe Clan secure the victory, and he broke the all-time best-of-five kill record in the process with 57 kills across five maps. Cyber finished with a staggering 1.27 SiegeGG Rating, third-highest in the event, and additionally finished a Six Major-record 176 kills across the entire tournament.

FaZe Clan's team performance throughout the Six Sweden Major
FaZe Clan's team performance throughout the Six Sweden Major

Cyber's dominance in Sweden was comprehensive. He had the second-highest Rating of any player through the group stage, where he did not go below a 1.13 Rating on a single map and sported two matches above a staggering 2.00 Rating. 

Cyber was instrumental in taking down Team BDS in the playoffs, achieving 30 kills in just 25 rounds during FaZe Clan's 2-0 victory. Their semifinal game against a surging DWG KIA side was the Brazilian star's lone mortal showing, but despite struggling Cyber was still able to make an impact when it counted with a +6 entry differential. 

Finally, in the last match of the Major against world champions Ninjas in Pyjamas, Cyber returned to his inhuman levels of form. His 1.25 Rating is the highest of any player in a Major grand final since the Six Major Raleigh in 2019.

Overall, Cyber's performance in Sweden is unquestionably the most valuable. Earning the SiegeGG MVP medal is Cyber's first individual award of his career, and he is the third consecutive Brazilian player to win an MVP.

EVP Awards

Though there can only be one MVP, there were five other stellar performances worthy of the EVP (Exceptionally Valuable Player) award.

In alphabetical order, they are:

Alem4o, Team oNe

Despite being knocked out of the tournament earlier than many had expected, Team oNe's superstar Karl "Alem4o" Zarth is in joint-first place alongside Yoo "Yass" Sang-Hoon in the Rating leaderboard, with a SiegeGG Rating of 1.35.

The Brazilian also finished as the best-rated player in his team on three out of seven games he played in the Sweden Major, which speaks wonders of his consistency in this event - reinforced by a team-high KOST of 75%.

Muzi, Ninjas in Pyjamas

The 2021 Six Invitational EVP is back on this list following his performances at the Major. Murilo “Muzi” Moscatelli was Ninjas in Pyjamas' top fragger in Sweden, with 145 kills to his name. 

Muzi was also the team’s highest-rated player against Spacestation Gaming in their quarter-final match, which was a rematch of the SI 2020 Grand Final.

Psycho, Ninjas in Pyjamas

Gustavo “Psycho” Rigal needed a good performance in Sweden following a 4-20 entry record at the BR6 Stage 3. Well, the Brazilian veteran delivered. His numbers in that area have been impressive to say the least, as he finished with 35 entry kills, the second-highest number just behind Cyber (40). 

Moreover, Psycho was the top-rated player for Ninjas in Pyjamas in the Grand Final against FaZe Clan (in a tie with co-EVP Muzi). However, their efforts to win a second title were valiant, but in vain.

soulz1, FaZe Clan

Lucas “soulz1” Schinke was pivotal in FaZe Clan’s conquest of the North. The 20-year-old player clutched on four occasions in their semifinals clash against DWG KIA, with two of them coming in Oregon’s overtime. He would back up those four clutches with two more, to end the tournament with six, the highest of any player in attendance.

The Brazilian also helped his team with 15 plants across the tournament and the second-highest rating in his team in the Grand Final, just behind the MVP Jaime “Cyber” Ramos.

yass, DWG KIA

Finally, we have DWG KIA’s player Yoo “Yass” Sang-Hoon. The Korean player was pivotal in DWG KIA’s cinderella run, scoring a tournament-leading SiegeGG rating of 1.35. He also obtained 22 entry kills for his team, the same number as his teammate’s Jang “RIN” Byeong-uk. 

Overall, his numbers were vital in the Korean’s qualification to SI 2022 after unexpectedly surviving to the so-called "group of death".

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