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All of SiegeGG’s Sweden Major coverage in one place

As the Six Sweden Major takes place, here’s a roundup of all SiegeGG’s event coverage released so far.

(Banner image: Ubisoft/Kirill Bashkirov)

On November 8th the second Major of Year 6 started in Sweden, as 16 teams met to compete for the title.

Both before and during the event SiegeGG was busy interviewing the teams, covering the breaking changes, and giving further insight into the action taking place across this tournament.
For a full rundown on all our released coverage check out below:

Breaking News

A number of key stories rose around the Six Sweden Major in the last few weeks:

Six Invitational 2022 back in Montréal without audience, from Feb. 8 to 20
Interro to cast at Sweden Major with former G2 legend Pengu
FoxA tests positive for COVID-19, HOP3Z to stand in at Major
HysteRiX unable to play at Sweden Major with iG, GiG to fill in: "We sort of knew that one day this is gonna happen"
Russian caster Rhyzzy passes away after contracting COVID-19
Every High Calibre R6 change in one place: Valkyrie nerf, HUD updates, and 'privacy' mode

SiegeGG Live Episode 3:

Grand-Final Coverage

"We are not a one-tournament team": FaZe Clan latest LATAM champions after 3-2 grand final win over NiP
Six Sweden Major MVP: Cyber
Highlights: Infinite Overtime Returns As Cyber Sets A New Kill Record! FaZe vs NiP
Top 6 Plays of Day 6

Semi-Final Coverage

Highlights: Greatest Siege Match EVER?! INSANE 4K Clutch By soulz!
Top 6 Plays Day 5
“That’s soulz, he clutches all the time, I have faith in him”: FaZe Clan back in an intl. Grand Final after three years
“We can change things faster, we don’t have just one playstyle”: SI 2021 champions NiP are officially back

Quarter-Final Coverage

Six Sweden Major playoff preview
Highlights: Rainbow Six Siege: Sweden Major playoff bracket, matches revealed
Highlights: Rogue Stun Brazil Favorites! FaZe Planned Rush vs BDS?
Top 6 Plays Day 4
“It feels weird, it’s like writing a death note”: DWG KIA continue run into semifinals after beating heroes SANDBOX
"We didn’t let them play": NiP smother Spacestation on defense en route to 2-0 victory
"It worked perfectly": Dominant FaZe Clan detail BDS victory, Amaru plant rush play
Rogue beat Team oNe, advance to Sweden Major semi-final: "...we're always ready to bring the comeback"
Rogue qualifies for Six Invitational 2022, beats out TSM after reaching Six Sweden Major semi-finals
Ubisoft announces "Postmatch", a lo-fi album created for Siege

SiegeGG Live Episode 2:

Day 3 Coverage

Six Sweden Major day three key takeaways: Korean teams impress, hobbled teams notch a win
Highlight: Will Empire Survive?! INTENSE Finish to Group of Death!
Highlights: A Coach Top Fragging?! 2 APAC Teams in Playoffs!
Top 6 Plays Day 3
SANDBOX Gaming qualifies for SI 2022, Sweden Major playoffs following win over Vitality
DWG KIA clinch final Sweden Major playoff spot, secure Six Invitational 2022 appearance
FaZe Clan qualify for Six Invitational 2022

Day 2 Coverage

Sweden Major day two key takeaways: EU strikes back, Rogue, NiP punch playoff tickets
Highlights: Do or Die For Team Empire!
Highlights: yass SHINES vs SSG! Shaiiko ACE!
Top 6 Plays Day 2
JoyStiCK on Empire’s rough Day 1 in Sweden: “Russians start work when they know they will be [eliminated]”
“We can play in every map now”: BDS confident in themselves to win Sweden Major
"Stage beast" BiBooAF vital to Team Vitality's Sweden Major campaign, say risze and Lyloun
“There’s not a lot of tilt factor in the team”: Spacestation talks “composure” and keeping games close
"It is what it is at the end of the day”: LaXInG details Oxygen's unenviable level of Sweden Major adversity
Supr on iG victory and how Soniqs hope to stay alive: “We were more proactive and aggressive”
Cameram4an on 14-0 day and subsequent Rogue loss: “I think we let our guard down a little bit"
“[The start] showed us [how] to play in this tournament”: FURIA Esports still in the contest for a playoff spot
"We still have a lot to improve on": Chiefs keeping feet on ground after first-ever international win

Day 1 Coverage

Sweden Major day one key takeaways: Perfect FaZe, poor NA
Highlights: FaZe Speedrun! 2 MONSTER clutches by SSG!
Highlights: LATAM Reign SUPREME on Day 1!!
Top 6 R6 Plays Day 1
Team oNe steamroll through first day competition: "Everything worked the way we planned"
“Mexico doesn’t show our true potential”: Ninjas in Pyjamas’ on their win against Invictus Gaming
"When there was the time to push during roaming, the other person wouldn’t do it": SANDBOX struggles in opener
"I am counting on [reaching] the round-of-eight": RIN bullish on DWG KIA's chances in 'group of death'
DarkZero struggles on first day: "I think our main issues against Team oNe were down to late-round play on attack"
“It went close to the wire, but we managed to pull it out on overtime”: Rogue defeat Chiefs in first intl. match since 2020

Pre-Event Interviews & Breakdowns

SiegeGG interviewed most teams coming into this event to get an insight behind the curtains: 

Canadian on DarkZero's expectations in Sweden: "We just want to show up and be better than we were in the past"
Hotancold on 2021 success: 'It’s easy to be confident in myself when my team is confident in me'
VertcL on Oxygen's expectations: “People sleep on us a lot, and it’s fine. At this point we're used to it”
"It was very impressive, very eye-opening": Yeti reflects on Soniqs' Mexico Major, aims for playoffs in Sweden
At the Sweden Major, it's time for BDS to put Europe back on top
Steadily-building Vitality ready for return to LAN
“One of our strongest virtues is that we can fix our mistakes really quickly”: dan on Team Empire’s form
Revamped Rogue ready for first LAN event in ages: "We tried to go back to our roots (for Stage 3)"
Astro on FaZe Clan’s future: "We had a talk with the organization, we decided to have a long-term roster"
“The community thinks that FaZe Clan are the best now, we don’t give a damn”: Alem4o on Team oNe’s Mexico Major and Stage 3 performances
“I am more confident than ever before”: FURIA's Fntzy eager to take on Sweden Major challenge after stellar BR6 split
Ninjas in Pyjamas look for redemption on org's home soil
"Let’s do this like DWG KIA!": SANDBOX's Nova cites rivals as motivation for Stage 3 recovery, Major qualification
  "A bit more pressure" for DWG KIA this time despite "contender" status, says RIN
"It might just be better to have a complete overhaul of our play style": Invictus ready if HysteRiX unable to play
"Everyone’s gonna consider us a freebie": Chiefs happy with underdog status ahead of international debut

As well as this, we also spoke to the new analyst at the event, Tobias "BikiniBodhi" André:
 BikiniBodhi: "I want to help ... bridge the two communities together"

Pre-Event Team Analysis

Digging deeper into the attendees, we broke down each team’s strengths and weaknesses both statistically and with the help of the NA League analysts Jacob "CaliberJacob" Anderson & Jesse Chick:

SiegeGG Live Episode 1:


Be sure to keep checking back here at SiegeGG for even more coverage of the games themselves as they take place over the next week.