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PG Nationals: Legion Goes Second as Mkers Beats Reigning Champions MACKO

Play day 4 of the PG Italian National league took place last week, as the eight teams began their quest for the Challenger League spot.

Last week saw a single play day take place on Wednesday, wedged between the prior week's and this week's super-week schedule.

Check out our pre-season guide on the teams, schedule, and format for a full roundup on what's going on in the league this season and our weekly roundups for a summary of any action you may have missed.

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Outplayed vs Hmble

Across the three prior weeks, both OP and Hmble had taken down IGP, with Hmble having an added victory against Totem on Day 1. This made them somewhat favorites, however, with so few games played so far, the game was for either of them to win. 

The game started on Kafe with Outplayed taking the lead thanks to two back-to-back triple kills from separate Melusi players. By Round 4 OP had lost just seven lives to their 20 kills as Hmble consistently failed to get map control and were forced to rush the site with a man disadvantage, leading to fairly one-sided losses. 

The half ended more promisingly, however, as it took a 1v2 from YZN to win Round 5 and the attackers won their first round of the half thanks to a 3k from cmarc0r to put the scoreline at 5-1.

This turned out to be their only round win as, two rounds later, a second clutch from YZN, this time a 1v3, ended the game at 7-1 in a fairly big upset in the league.

Cyberground Gaming vs Totem Esports

Next up, was CGG vs Totem in what would be the very first overtime matchup of the season.

After securing just a single round across the first two games, Cyberground finally got on the board against Outplayed on Play Day 3. Similarly, Totem also found their win on Day 3, but against a much more impressive MACKO roster.

With just three points in three games, both teams needed a win here to keep up with the likes of Legion near to the top of the table.

On Clubhouse, the match initially seemed to be attacker-sided as the bans of Maverick, Hibana, and Kaid meant opening up the site with Thermite/Thatcher was no problem. Despite this, the defence initially took a 3-1 lead on the back of some standout plays from all five defenders. The attack fought back to a 3-3 half, winning both CCTV attempts, before the teams switched sides.

Cyberground then took their first lead on the map due to a 1v1 victory from Raku on Smoke, following a triple kill from lovely, which began a back-and-forth that took the game all the way to overtime.

These final three rounds were close, as the defense won both rounds before CGG broke this streak, as DjuZ was left in a 1v5 on Round 15. While he managed to take the first three players out, Helgast then planted with two seconds remaining before Raku cut him down to win the map.

Notorious Legion vs Italian Gaming Project

Next up saw Legion -- a team whose only defeat had come against Mkers -- against last-placed IGP, who was yet to win a single point yet. 

Legion were thus the favorites here, despite still playing with NoAir subbed in for Sloppy. This meant it was a surprise when clutches from Lordy and Falco helped IGP take an initial 3-0 lead, which they pushed towards a 4-2 half.

The side switch allowed Legion to come back into the match with three round wins of their own, including a triple kill from Frost to take the lead. An additional quadruple kill from Kxhz in a flawless Round 11 put them on map point, before IGP took it to overtime for just the second time in the season.

Finally, the match did not hit maximum overtime, as four kills from Darkwin on Wamai and Sledge meant Legion finally closed it out at 8-6 to secure two of the three available points.

Mkers vs MACKO Esports

Finally, we had the must-watch matchup of the season; the back-to-back Italian champions and ex-CL roster of MACKO vs Italy's very first SI-qualified roster of Mkers.

Across their three prior games, Mkers had not lost a single round, meaning they had an added objective here in keeping their record clean. MACKO, meanwhile, had a 7-0 win of their own, but also lost a game against Totem, making Mkers the strong favourites.

Mkers once again opted not to ban any operators -- likely as a way to throw off any upcoming SI opponents -- as the game went to Kafe. MACKO immediately broke Mkers' streak with a win on Round 1, which followed by three round wins from Mkers, including a 1v2 from Aqui. 

Two very slow attacks allowed MACKO to end the half at 3-3 in a very impressive performance by them, before they moved to the attack. From here, Mkers were close to untouchable. Two very one-sided rounds were flipped on Round 9, as MACKO easily dispatched four defenders, only for Lollo to secure a quadruple kill on Valkyrie.

Finally, a 4k from Sasha ended the game at 7-3, cementing Mkers as the league leaders with 12 points in four games and with wins against three of four of the teams below them.

Top Players

The star player this week was YZN, who achieved a 3.0 K/D and 1.64 Rating during Outplayed's 7-1 victory over Hmble, which included two clutches. Also of note was the duo of DjuZ and Mowgli who, despite losing 7-8 against CGG, secured 32 kills between them, as DjuZ hit a 2.0 K/D despite playing Thermite and Aruni.

Finally, the best individual play of week three was awarded to Mkers' Aqui, with the following post-plant 1v2 clutch on Ash:

Next Week's Games

Week 4 will see two play days on Wednesday and Thursday, with the must-watch game emboldened:

Wednesday, 28 April:

  • 19:00 CEST -- IGP vs MACKO
  • 20:15 CEST -- Hmble vs Legion
  • 21:30 CEST -- CGG vs Mkers
  • 22:45 CEST -- OP vs Totem

Thursday, 29 April:

  • 19:00 CEST -- CGG vs IGP
  • 20:15 CEST -- Hmble vs MACKO
  • 21:30 CEST  -- Totem vs Mkers
  • 22:45 CEST -- OP vs Legion

Be sure to watch these games on the Rainbow6IT Twitch channel and check back here at SiegeGG for full coverage of the games next week.

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