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NA Transfers: Latest Updates - Mid Season 11

UPDATE: Ex-Rise Nation roster joins Vanquish

As SiegeGG’s hub for all roster changes in the transfer window during the Season 10 mid-season transfer period, this page will be regularly updated with the latest transfer news. Check back here to keep up to date with all upcoming changes in the NA region and keep up to date with LATAM here and APAC here.

Summary of Changes So Far

Evil Geniuses - Gotcha leaves, Spades Joins

Tempo Storm - Filthy dropped

Team SoloMid - Bagel released

Team Reciprocity - Nyx and Retro benched, Slashug and B1ologics joins

Susquehanna Soniqs - GhxsT officially released

eUnited - XecratioN released, Bagel joins

Luminosity Gaming - Slashug leaves, Jarvis joins

Other - Gotcha retires from competitive Siege, Ex-Rise joins Vanquish

Roster Changes

April 10th: Ex-Rise Nation Roster Joins Vanquish

11 months after being relegated from the Pro League following a weak Season 9 and five months after they left the Rise Nation organisation, the roster most recently known as Life is Pain has been signed by a new organisation in Vanquish ahead of their third playday in Season 11 of North America’s Challenger League tonight.

The Rise Nation organisation first joined R6 ahead of the 2018 US Nationals with a roster which included two members of the current roster -- England and Beastly -- with Acid joining to replace Beastly following the disbanding of OrgLess halfway through Season 9. Despite this new injection of talent, this wasn’t enough to keep Rise from being relegated from the league as they ended the season with 10 points compared to Excelerate Gaming’s 13 points in sixth place before losing their relegation matchup against the Susquehanna Soniqs.

After being relegated to the Challenger League for Season 10, Rise failed to make it back up to the Pro League as the new lineups of Obey Alliance and 2 Faced (now known as eUnited and Tempo Storm) beat them to it with the latter overtaking them on the very last playday of the season due to them earning more head-to-head points, 4-1. Following this season, Rise Nation dropped the lineup and Beastly rejoined the team to create the current lineup of England, Acid, Beastly, Prophecy, Wrath and Remorce (their coach).

Now, this roster now known as Life is Pain has been acquired by the Vanquish organisation four games into the Challenger League Season 10 season in which they currently sit in third place with seven points (two wins, one draw and a defeat). Since being acquired by new ownership just under a month ago, the Vanquish organisation has since picked up a number of new teams including a Gears of War lineup, a PUBG team and, oddly, a “Pro Destiny team” made up primarily of streamers. Now, with an R6 roster under their belt, they’ll be hoping to grow their organisation further despite no Pro League qualification spot being on offer. The organisation had the following to say about the pickup:

While other companies are dropping out of esports due to financial challenges, Vanquish is making a comeback. Vanquish has been in business since 2013 but was recently acquired by a young couple out of the Sacramento area.  They saw the changes coming from Ubisoft plus the changes in the industry as an opportunity to become part of the R6 community. Vanquish had a Rainbow Six team a few years ago, at the time the team made Pro League and a larger organization made an offer for the team that Vanquish couldn't match or beat.  Vanquish is not trying to have this happen again. As part of this process, the Vanquish owners were evaluating a few teams in both Pro and Challenger League and decided that the ex-Rise team was a good fit for them. The experience plus the diversity within the team aligned very well with our strategy and we are looking forward to what these guys will do.  

There will be much more to come and a lot more visibility on our team, who they are and what they bring to the table both as a team and individually. We will be hosting all of the events on our own channel and you can reach out for any questions @VQGaming or join our

You can see this team in action under the new name against second-placed “joe esports” tonight in the biggest game of the night kicking off from 8pm EDT.

March 10th - Gotcha Retires from Competitive Siege

You can read more about Gotcha's retirement in his twitlonger, transcribed below:

Since I first started playing Siege, I knew that I wanted to go pro in it. It was and continues to be the most unique FPS out there today. Today, I want to officially announce my retirement from Siege. From grinding in challenger league to coaching EG, TSM, and shortly playing for EG, it's been an incredible ride. I've been able to travel around the world, compete at the highest level, meet some incredible people, make some incredible friends, and get paid to pay the game I love. I recently did have an offer from a NA PL team to coach, but I realized that it's not a very financially stable position and so I'll be officially retiring from the pro scene and going back to my normal job.

I just want to thank my former teams and teammates for giving me the opportunity to coach/play with them, and I wish them the best of luck. It's cool to see the Siege e-sports scene grow to where it has and I hope it continues to grow for many more years.

To all the aspiring pros out there I'd encourage you as I did to chase your dreams, but always have a backup just in case.

I'll still be around and trying to stream Siege here and there and some Tarkov :)

- Gotcha

March 1st - B1ologics Joins Team Reciprocity

Read more about this move here.

March 1st - Bagel Joins eUnited as Coach

After his trial contract was not renewed by Team SoloMid, Bagel has now joined eUnited following an excellent third-place finish at the Six Invitational 2020 with his former team.

March 1st - Jarvis Joins Luminosity, Slashug Transferred to Reciprocity

Read more about the Slashug move here.

February 29th - XecratioN Released from eUnited as Coach

February 24th - Retro Benched on Team Reciprocity

After 21 months on the team, Alexander "Retro" Lloyd has finally left the starting roster of Team Reciprocity.

Retro began his career back in Season 3 where he won the Pro League title on his first attempt alongside Canadian and the current core of Evil Geniuses before being dropped ahead of the Six Invitational that year. A year later he made it back to the big leagues alongside FoxA and LaXInG on beastcoast, later known as Cloud9 and now Team Reciprocity.

This team beat Counter Logic Gaming to qualify for Pro League Season 8 and, after disappointing performances at DreamHacks Austin and Valencia, won North America's first title in 19 months at DreamHack Montreal 2018. Following this up they then finished in the top four at both the 2018 US Nationals and 2019 Six Invitational before, most recently, once again finishing in the semis at the Season 10 Pro League Finals. 

Retro at the US Nationals 2019 Finals.

Following those Finals those chose to make two changes, replacing MarkTheShark and Skys with Nyx and VertcL and now, after a runners-up finish at the 2019 US Nationals and a group stage exit at the 2019 Six Invitational, they have opted to make two more with Retro and Nyx being benched on the team. With this, the core roster that won DreamHack Montreal is now broken with just FoxA and LaXInG left on the lineup.

The team's next game will be against the undefeated roster of Team SoloMid in the Pro League on March 23rd where their two new players will debut.

February 24th - Susquehanna Soniqs Officially Releases GhxsT

The longtime inactive player and substitute for the Susquehanna Soniqs, Jason "GhxsT" Lu has finally been released from the team. Despite being benched, GhxsT had to be one of two stand-ins for the Soniqs' European imports of Santino "Gomfi" de Meulenaere and Alex "SlebbeN" Nordlund during Season 10 of the Pro League while their visas were being settled.

February 24th - Nyx Benched on Team Reciprocity

You can learn more about this change here.

February 21st - Team SoloMid Releases Bagel

Just days after the end of the Six Invitational 2020, where Team SoloMid (TSM) finished third, the team has released its coach, Bagel, who had been on trial with the squad. The move comes as a large surprise given the team's upward trajectory since Bagel had joined, prior to the US Nationals 2019 Finals in December.

According to him, Bagel had been released because "TSM felt like [his and the players'] personalities didn't match well together", and expressed great sorrow at his release. Currently, both the futures of TSM's coaching position and Bagel himself are unclear, but it is likely that TSM will secure a coach soon given its financial power and playing potential. Bagel, on the other hand, could well find a team himself, likely having impressed many with his team's run at the Six Invitational 2020.

February 5th - Tempo Storm Drops Filthy

After an extremely poor first split of Season 11 of the Pro League, Tempo Storm has dropped Xavier "Filthy" Garcia. So far in the season, Tempo Storm has only been able to secure four points -- from one win and a draw -- and has lost five games already, leaving it tied  on points for dead last with Evil Geniuses. At the end of the first half of the season, Filthy had been rated the lowest on his team with a 0.86 rating, secured while largely playing Ash and Mozzie.

While there will be no relegations this season in North America, Tempo Storm is likely to look to bolster its ranks with a player it feels could improve the situation, and may look at the free agent of Sam "Jarvis" Jarvis, Aaron "Gotcha" Chung, or the eUnited stand-in Read "Read" Adams.

January 27th - Gotcha Leaves Evil Geniuses

After two months on the team as a player Aaron "Gotcha" Chung has left Evil Geniuses.

Gotcha initially joined Evil Geniuses as a coach after a promising run in the Challenger League during Season 8. Here he coached the team during their very early exit to Fnatic at the Season 8 Finals, their quarter-final exit at the 2019 Six Invitational, to second place at the Season 9 Finals and to a group stage exit at the Raleigh Major as well as subbing in as a player during the US Nationals and during a number of games during Season 9.

Following this, he left EG to join Team SoloMid initially as a coach before replacing Jarvis on the team following their victory at DreamHack Montreal 2019. Three months later he left TSM to rejoin his old team of EG, now as a player where they fell to TSM in the first round of the 2019 US Nationals. 

Now, as EG sits in seventh place, Gotcha has once again left the team ahead of their final game before the mid-season break against Tempo Storm tonight.

January 27th - Spades Joins Evil Geniuses

Today Evil Geniuses announced via Twitter that Aaron "Gotcha" Chung had been released from the roster and a few minutes later the announcement came that, Julio "Spades" Cesar will be his replacement. This will be Spades' debut in Pro League and it continues Evil Geniuses' trend of giving the new additions their first shot in PL (Gotcha, Moddiga and Spades). 


And so that's every change within the North American region of the Pro League so far in this transfer period. Check back here for more updates over the coming days

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