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Team Reciprocity Signs b1ologic and Slashug

After benching Retro and Nyx, Team Reciprocity has signed b1ologic and Slashug as their replacements.

Following a disappointing Six Invitational, Team Reciprocity has confirmed the signings of former Team SoloMid player Khalil "b1ologic" Pleas as well as Luminosity Gaming player Oliver "Slashug" Spencer as replacement for the benched Alex "Retro" Lloyd and Zachary "Nyx" Thomas.

The Team Reciprocity roster first came to the notice of many when it beat Counter Logic Gaming to qualify for Pro League Season 8 and, after disappointing performances at DreamHacks Austin and Valencia, won North America's first title in 19 months at DreamHack Montreal 2018.

To follow up, the team then finished in the top-four at both the US Nationals 2018 Finals and the Six Invitational 2019. Last season, Reciprocity once again finished in the semi-finals, falling to the eventual champions of Natus Vincere, with both teams having qualified for their first-ever Pro League Finals.

Team Reciprocity at the Six Invitational 2020.

Following the event, Reciprocity quickly chose to make two changes, replacing Mark "MarkTheShark" Arismendez and Alexander "Skys" Magor with Nyx and Franklyn "VertcL" Andres Cordero. The team then made its way to a very impressive second-place finish to the soon-to-be World Champions, Spacestation Gaming, at the US Nationals Finals 2019, but the success was only temporary. 

Reciprocity then became the worst performing North American team at the Six Invitational 2020, falling to G2 Esports and BDS Esport as they failed to advance out of the group stages. As a result, two more changes now follow, with the brief experiment with Nyx coming to an end and Retro being let go in favour of Slashug and b1ologic.

Slashug has been playing professional Rainbow Six since Season 3 and is one of the most successful players in North America. In total, he has attended five Majors, with his best finish being as a runner-up at the Six Invitational 2017, four Pro League Finals, where his best placement was the semi-finals in Season 7, and won two titles at the US Nationals 2018 and DreamHack Valencia 2019.

While the bulk of these achievements came on the roster most recently known as the American Rogue lineup, this came to an end following its relegation from the Pro League and subsequent dissolution last November, with Slashug then joining the up-and-coming Pro League team of Luminosity Gaming.

Luminosity Gaming at the OGA Pit Minor.

During his time on the team, Slashug brought some vital experience to the LG squad, helping it finish in fourth at the OGA Pit Minor and come within a map of beating Spacestation Gaming, the eventual champions of the Invitational, in the grand final of the closed online qualifier.

Despite this success, the team currently sits in sixth place in the Pro League, with just a single win against eUnited, likely leading to Slashug making this decision to reunite with his ex-teammate from Rogue, VertcL.

B1ologic, on the other hand, started his career on the Xbox, before joining 1nfamy and qualifying to the Pro League after winning Season 4 of the Challenger League. Season 5, however, saw 1nfamy barely avoid relegation, and b1ologic then left to join the Pro League hopefuls of Vertical Gaming.

Unfortunately, he found little success and bounced around a few other Challenger League rosters before finally getting a chance to shine as a stand-in for the US Nationals 2018 for Evil Geniuses.

B1ologic at the Six Major Raleigh with Team SoloMid.

Then, moving to Excelerate Gaming, he won the Season 8 Challenger League title and finished sixth in Season 9 of the Pro League. Soon after, his team was signed by Team SoloMid, finished in the quarter-finals of DreamHack Valencia 2019, and then stunned all by qualifying to the Six Major Raleigh via the online qualifier.

In Raleigh, b1ologic and the others made it to the quarter-finals, but an alleged incident resulted in b1ologic having to leave the team the week after.

Now, having cleared his name, b1ologic marks a return to the Pro League on the highly competitive squad of Team Reciprocity, aiming to break the stranglehold of Team SoloMid and DarkZero Esports at the top.

Team Reciprocity’s next game will be against the undefeated league leaders of Team SoloMid on March 23rd, where the following lineup will first be in action:

 Davide “FoxA” Bucci 

 Gabriel “LaXInG” Mirelez

 Franklyn “VertcL” Cordero

 Spencer "Slashug" Oliver

 Khalil "b1ologic" Pleas

 Anthony "HOP3Z" Lee (their coach)

 Taylor "Redeemer" Mayeur (their coach)