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NA Transfers: Latest Updates - Post Season 10

UPDATE: Redeemer Joins Team Reciprocity Coaching Staff

NA Transfers: Latest Updates - Post Season 10

As SiegeGG’s hub for all roster changes in the transfer window between Season 10 and 11 of the Pro League, this page will be regularly updated with the latest transfer news. Check back here to keep up to date with all upcoming changes in the North America region.

Summary of Changes So Far

Spacestation Gaming - Daeda leaves

Team Reciprocity - Robn leaves as analyst, Skys leaves,Mark released, Nyx and VertcL join, Redeemer joins as coach

DarkZero Esports - Nyx leaves, Skys and Ecl9plse join, BC moves to coach

Rogue - Slashug, VertcL, and Ecl9pse leave, roster disbands

Evil Geniuses - Gotcha joins as a player, Ranger as coach, Geoometrics leaves

Team SoloMid - Gotcha leaves, Geoometrics joins

Roster Changes

January 6th: Redeemer Joins Team Reciprocity Coaching Staff

Today the Reciprocity twitter account announced that Taylor "Redeemer" Mayeur will be joining the team's coaching staff, which already includes Anthony "Hopez" Nizzardo (Coach) and formerly included Robn as an analyst. Jacob "Daeda" Hale was also temporarily with the team in order to prepare for the US Nationals Finals. 


November 25th: Evil Geniuses Signs Ranger, Geoo traded with Team SoloMid for Gotcha

With Evil Geniuses (EG) on the back of their first missed Pro League Finals since Season 5 and their first-ever group stage exit at a Major, and Team SoloMid (TSM) narrowly avoiding the relegation zone after two impressive events, the two teams have opted to swap their two players of Aaron "Gotcha" Chung and Emilio "Geoometrics" Leynez Cuevas.

At the same time, it has been announced that the ex-Rogue coach of Tristan "Ranger" Pehrson has joined Evil Geniuses after being replaced on Rogue following around two years on the team.

Full article here.

November 24th: DarkZero Acquires Ecl9pse, BC Returns to Coaching

After a stint as a player for DarkZero Esports, Brandon "BC" Carr has left this role to move back to his originally preferred coaching position following the addition of Tyler "Ecl9pse" McMullin to the playing roster. This move follows the swap of DarkZero’s Zachary "Nyx" Thomas for Reciprocity’s Alexander "Skys" Magor, and has resulted in the North American champions having a very different roster for Season 10.

Full article here.

November 22nd: Team Reciprocity Releases MarkTheShark

In a surprising move, Team Reciprocity has released Mark "MarkTheShark" Arismendez following the swap of their now-former In-Game Leader Alexander "Skys" Magor for DarkZero Esports' Zachary "Nyx" Thomas. Rounding out the Team Reciprocity roster will be Franklyn "VertcL" Andres Cordero, who joins from the recently relegated Rogue.
MarkTheShark, or Mark as he is also known, had been with the team since its Cloud9 days, with his crowning achievement being a win at DreamHack Montreal 2018. After the sale to Team Reciprocity, though, and the addition of Skys, Reciprocity got even better and finished joint-third at the Six Invitational 2019, narrowly missed out on the Season 9 Finals, and then finished joint-third at the Season 10 Finals.
It is unclear why Mark was released, but with the player now without a team, it could result in a scramble for his services before the Pro League roster lock for Season 11 on the 24th of November.

Team Reciprocity, though, will be happy with Mark's replacement, VertcL, however. VertcL had officially joined the Rogue roster almost exactly a year ago prior to the US Nationals 2018 Finals, where the roster had won its first piece of silverware after defeating Evil Geniuses in the grand final. However, that was followed up by a winless exit at the Six Invitational 2019, a disappointing fourth-placed in Season 9 of the Pro League, and a quarter-finals exit at the Allied Esports Minor.

VertcL and Rogue quickly returned to winning ways, however, with a first international victory for the team at DreamHack Valencia 2019, giving hope that Rogue would return to its Year 2 and 3 glory days. Unfortunately, despite securing at least a win at the Six Major Raleigh, "Team USA" still exited in the group stages, could not do better than the playoffs at DreamHack Montreal 2019, and was eventually relegated in Season 10 of the Pro League after finishing seventh and then losing to Obey Alliance.

VertcL, however, was one of the standout players through the team's downward tumble in 2019, and will have to work hard with his new Team Reciprocity teammates as they gear up for the US Nationals 2019 Finals in under a month.

20th: DarkZero and Reciprocity Trade Nyx and Skys

Following a grand final and semi-final defeat at the hands of Natus Vincere at the Season 10 Finals for DarkZero Esports and Team Reciprocity, respectively, the two North American teams are once again in flux. This time, though, the situation is somewhat unique, with the two trading players with each other -- DarkZero’s Zachary "Nyx" Thomas for Reciprocity’s Alexander "Skys" Magor.

Full article here.

November 18th: Team Reciprocity Analyst Robn Leaves

After 20 months on the team, Thomas "Robn" Linden has left the staff position on the Team Reciprocity roster.

Since joining the team initially as a coach and later as an analyst, Robn has aided the roster to quarter-final finishes at DreamHack Austin 2018 and DreamHack Valencia 2019, semi-final finishes at the US Nationals 2018, the 2019 Six Invitational and the Season 10 Pro League Finals and victory at DreamHack Montreal 2018 positioning this team as one of only four to win an international tournament in the North American region's history. 

He now leaves this squad a month ahead of their return to the US Nationals Finals as he looks for opportunities elsewhere.

November 13th: Spacestation Gaming Analyst Daeda Leaves

After nine months on the team, Spacestation's analyst, Jacob "Daeda" Hale, has left the roster due to personal reasons.

Since joining the team just prior to the 2019 Six Invitational, SSG narrowly lost to the eventual champions in the quarter-finals of that event, ended Season 9 and 10 in fifth place in North America and exited the Raleigh Major, Allied Minor and DreamHack Montreal 2019 all in the quarter-finals.

With the departure of Daeda, SSG is still left with a lofty support team with both Lycan as a coach and sovsov3 as an assistant coach, talent they'll be putting to good use to prepare for their next matchup at the OGA LAN Finals with the USN Finals and Six Invitational qualifiers all in the following weeks.


And so that's every change within the North America region of the Pro League so far in this transfer period. Check back here for more updates over the coming days.