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Year 8 of Siege to feature four operators from four different countries

Year 8 will see new faces joining Rainbow Six Siege!

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Ubisoft have made the final announcements regarding Year 8 today at the Six Invitational 2023! As we now know everything that's coming to Rainbow Six Siege, it's time to have a clear look at the game's future.

Year 8 will have a new map added to the game and a reworked of Consulate. It will also include new faces, such as Brava, who will be joining to Rainbow Six Siege when Operation Commanding Force is released.

However, is anyone else joining her? Well, let's have a look at the roadmap for Year 8.

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Operation Commanding Force new operator

Operation Commanding Force will arrive in Rainbow Six Siege in Mar. 7. That will be when Year 8 officially kicks off.

Brava will be the first operator of Rainbow Six Siege's Year 8. Her Kludge Drones will be a very valuable asset for the attackers, who now will be able to hack defensive gadgets with her especial drones. Traps, cameras, you name it, Brava will be able to take over any enemy device!

The introduction of a new operator is always exciting. You never know how is it going to affect Rainbow Six Siege's meta. But, how many new operators will Year 8 have?

Year 8's New Siege Operators

Starting with Operation Commanding Force, Year 8 of Rainbow Six Siege will get the ball rolling with Brava, the new Brazilian operator.

However, Brava won't be the only operator joining Rainbow Six Siege this year. Three new operators will join her throughout the year, as each one will come in each of the seasons planned for Year 8.

The second season of Year 8 will include an operator from Sweden. The operation will also include a Consulate rework.

For the third season of the year, we will have an operator from South Korea. Finally, Portugal will join the list in the fourth operation of Year 8.

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