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Year 6 Play of the Year: Kanzen 1v4

The best play of year 6 is Kanzen's clutch against DWG KIA at the Six Invitational.

No one from DWG KIA saw Evan "Kanzen" Bushore coming. 

He was in a two vs. five situation on map point against one of the best teams in the world, a team many predicted to have a deep tournament run, if not win SI. Pablo “Gryxr” Rebeil was traded, and it was just Kanzen against four standing DWG KIA members. 

Kanzen played the situation flawlessly. No mistakes, no tactical errors, no misses. 

In particular, the final kill was mechanically impressive. Kanzen quick peeked for info, and saw the final DWG KIA player on the stairs. He peeked again, flicked, and found his target. 

Had he not made this play, the map goes to overtime with an uncertain result. Due to Kanzen's heroics, Soniqs took map one and would go on to take the series 2-0. 

The victory over DWG KIA secured a top-six finish at the Six Invitational for Soniqs, and helped notch Kanzen’s play in the annals of Rainbow Six Siege history. In a game that is fundamentally played by exploiting your opponents’ mistakes, Kanzen made none, he gave no inch. 

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