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Wolves Esports qualify for BLAST R6 Major Atlanta after defeating MNM Gaming

Wolves Esports will be in Atlanta!

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Banner image: Ubisoft / Kiril B.

Wolves Esports have qualified for the BLAST R6 Major Atlanta after winning on Oregon and Chalet against MNM Gaming. Nicolas "P4" Rimbaud was the best player on the server with a SiegeGG rating of 1.27 after mainly using Dokkaebi and Kapkan.

Surprisingly, five of Wolves Esports' 14 rounds won in today's BO3 series were clutches. MNM Gaming's lack of ability when it comes to closing rounds isn't a surprise, as it also happened when both rosters met in the group stage.

This is Wolves Esports' first BO3 victory against MNM Gaming, as all of the pack's previous victories against the marshmallows came in BO1 games.

With this result, Wolves Esports have secured a spot in the BLAST R6 Major Atlanta Phase 1. Moreover, the French-majority roster has secured 140 SI Points, which have already been added to the 205 SI Points the team got throughout Stage 1.

Meanwhile, MNM Gaming will play for Europe's remaining spot in the BLAST R6 Major Atlanta when the Last Chance Qualifiers begin in ten days.

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