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Who are the eight rookies making their NAL debut tonight?

Eight North Americans, seven Europeans, two Brazilians, one Argentinian, one Australian, and one Malaysian will debut on the Pro Circuit in Stage 3.

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Here’s a rundown on who some of the newer faces in professional Siege are:

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  • TSM FTX-- #flag@20:us Snake and #flag@20:us Gasher
  • Parabellum Esports -- #flag@20:us Doq and #flag@20:us Azian
  • Beastcoast -- #flag@20:ca Ferda and #flag@20:us Xeno
  • Mirage -- #flag@20:br Dexter and #flag@20:us Mohesse

TSM -- Snake and Gasher

After initially starting out in the Collegiate scene, “Snake” caught attention while underaged on Chess Club alongside Parabellum’s “Doq”, XSET’s Lucas "DiasLucasBr" Dias, and Soniqs’ Shaun "Gunnar" Pottorff.

From here, he played in Stages 1 and 2 of the NA Challenger League this year in which his team finished in fifth and seventh place and he personally had the fourth and fifth-highest SiegeGG Ratings.

“Gasher”, meanwhile, caught attention in 2020 on the Wichita academy roster alongside Tomasz "Acid" Adamczyk and Terrell "England" Lee, with whom he finished as runners-up during Season 5 of the CCS.

From Stage 2 in 2021, he’s been competing in the NA Challenger League finishing in fifth-sixth, seventh-eighth, eighth, and then first in the most recent stage. During this stage, he was the fourth-best player by SiegeGG Rating, just ahead of Snake.

Parabellum Esports -- Doq and Azian

As mentioned previously, “Doq” was a part of the Chess Club roster alongside TSM’s Snake and XSET’s DiasLucasBr, as well as on Team MystiC alongside Soniqs’ Gunnar and OxG’s Ethan "Nuers" James and Jacob "Sweater". Doq then made his NACL debut during Stage 2 and finished in sixth place on Nokturns. There, he was the sixth-best player by SiegeGG Rating behind TSM’s newest pickups, “Gasher” and “Snake”.

In a very similar story, Connor "Azian" Felux previously spent 2021 winning a series of tier-three to four tournaments alongside Gunner, Nuers, and the ex-Mirage player, Chase "NotLoading" Neely, the ex-XSET players, Dillon "Razorr" Presley and Alex "Butterzz" O'Campo, and the ex-Soniqs IGL, Seth "supr" Hoffman.

Eventually, he made his NACL debut in Stage 2 this year when he finished second on Luminosity Gaming. He was the seventh-best player by SiegeGG Rating, just behind Doq.

Beastcoast -- Ferda and Xeno

“Ferda” is a success of the short-lived Canadian Division as he got his first success winning the Challenger League up North. Two stages later, he joined the mixed North American Challenger League finishing Stage 2 of the 2021 season in ninth-tenth place. Two stages after this, he won the league on Wichita Wolves and most recently finished as a runner-up on Luminosity Gaming. He was the eighth-best player by SiegeGG Rating behind Azian.

Lucas "Xeno", meanwhile, has also been competing in lower-tier tournaments for a number of years. During this time, he has teamed up with Soniqs’ Gunnar, Evan "Kanzen" Bushore, and Pablo "Gryxr" Rebeil, SSG’s Alexander "Yeti" Lawson, and Parabellum’s Logan "Sonar" Parker and Doq. He finally joined the NACL in Stage 2 of the 2021 season and finished the next four NACL stages in fifth-sixth, ninth-tenth, ninth, and sixth.

Mirage -- Dexter and Mohesse

After competing in a number of NSG, NACL, and CCS qualifiers in prior years, Lorenzo “Dexter” burst into the scene last stage alongside the ex-Tempo Storm and XSET teammates, Butterzz and Xavier "Filthy" Garcia. The RentFree roster qualified for the NACL and spent the first six play days in first place, before slipping down to fifth by the end of the stage. During this time, Dexter excelled on entry, securing 28 opening kills, including 19 opening offensive kills to just four opening offensive deaths.

Following this, he had an unsuccessful trial in Saudi Arabia on Spacestation Gaming at the Gamers8 event, where he defeated DWG KIA.

On the other hand, Jesse "Mohesse" Sheffield debuted during Season 5 of the CCS and made his Challenger League debut during Stage 2 2021 on Nokturns, in which he finished in second place. In the following year, he competed with Astralis’ Forrest and Callout, OxG’s Sweater, and the ex-beastcoast player Jayson "Jaay" Meszaros. He then finished Stage 1 as a runner-up once again, before ending in eighth last stage.

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