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Where is the Six Invitational 2024 going to be played?

The Six Invitational 2024 will be played on February, but where?

Banner image: Ubisoft / João F. @itsmeERROR

The Six Invitational is the most important Rainbow Six Siege competition of the year. With a prize pool of US$3M, the tournament has been in everyone's minds since the start of the season.

So far, only seven organizations have lifted the hammer, with G2 Esports being the only team to have won it twice (2019 and 2023).

Historically, the Six Invitational's location is in Montreal, Canada. However, the hammer is now going to travel around the world, and a new location was chosen for 2024.

So, where are we going next February? Here's your answer!

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Where is the Six Invitational 2024 going to be played?

The Six Invitational 2024 will be played in São Paulo, Brazil. The tournament will be held at the Ginásio de Ibirapuera, an indoor sporting arena located close to the regions of Jardim Paulista and Paraíso.

The Ginásio de Ibirapuera's capacity is around 10,000 people. While we don't know if the arena's full capacity will be used, the allocation was exhausted shortly after the tickets were released. Eventually, Ubisoft released more tickets.

The Brazilian fanbase is one of the most passionate in esports. The Six Invitational 2024 will be the second major Siege event held in the country, after the PL Season 8 Finals.

Who will play in the Six Invitational 2024?

The Six Invitational 2024 will have 20 teams, which include the following:

While G2 Esports are the current title holders, the favorites to win the Six Invitational 2024 are the players in w7m esports. The Brazilians won the BLAST R6 Major Copenhagen and the BLAST R6 Major Atlanta and became the first team to win two Six Majors in a row. Now, the roster has the chance to become the most dominant team in Rainbow Six Siege since the G2 Esports golden era.

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